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Beginners Guide to Climb Rwenzori Mountains

Planning to climb Rwenzori Mountains via Uganda or Democratic republic of Congo  with the reliable Tour operator for unique Summit experience. You want to climb Rwenzoris, the 3 highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, but you do not sure how or where to start to make the a dream to come to a reality with team of experts. Rwenzori Expeditions team has put together a beginner’s guide for first-timers that want to climb Mountain Rwenzoris in the oldest national park of Virunga in Congo & Rwenzori Mountains National park in Uganda.

Mount Luigi Di SavoiaFind the ultimate detailed guide to climbing Rwenzori Mountains for beginners  prepared by Rwenzori Expeditions the leading tour operator offers Rwenzori trekking tours at discounted prices for private & group travelers via Rwenzori Central Circuit & Kilembe trails. Lets guide you on how to plan your trek, best time to summit margherita peak with clear comparison between Kilembe trail and Central circuit trail.

Rwenzori Mountaineering Services

Requirements for Climbing Rwenzori Mountains.

Climbing Rwenzoris mountains is different from that of Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya and Rwenzori requires some experience before you engage into trekking Rwenzori Mountains. Rwenzori Expeditions lists a requirement that should be done before you book the trip and confirmation of the down payment of the commitment fees. There are a few requirements you need before you can join a group tour or attempt a trek up the Rwenzori mountain.

The following requirements are primarily for the safety of yourself and others traveling with you and can make a big difference in your Rwenzori trekking experience you have during your climb to the Margherita summit, with a chance to add on Gorilla trekking & Wildlife watching in the near by National parks of Uganda yet when your traveling via Congo side , adding on Nyiragongo Trek is a unique adventure to see the 8 peaks of Virunga Massif

Skill Level and Age

Rwenzori Mountaineering requires skills for to summit to Mount Stanley and if your not experienced in Mountaineering kindly consider trying Mount Speke, Mount Baker and Weiseman peak. Although the climb to the mountain’s summit is a multi-day, high-altitude trek, you do not necessarily have to be trained in climbing to get to the top, especially with a tour guide helping you. At the right time of year, the terrain and trail conditions are smooth enough for most committed hikers to reach the peak.

One of the few restrictions you’ll find for Rwenzori Mountaineering is age. Only those over the age of 10 can embark on Rwenzori Trek and guardian Consent is important since its an adventure and death can occur any time , so parents must give consent letters to required from guardians.

When It’s Best to Climb Rwenzoris

One of the great things about Mountaineering in Rwenzori National park is that it is open all year-round, making it a versatile destination for your next big hike. However, you should bear in mind that certain times of the year are much more suitable for climbing than others, which will result in a safer and more comfortable experience.

Here’s what you can expect your climbing experience to be like during different times of the year:

January – Early March

If you want to stay dry as you make your way to Margherita summit, booking a tour during this time of year is ideal. Not only is the weather agreeable, but you’ll find that there’s less trail traffic as well.

June – September

You can expect to find some of the most stable weather conditions during this time of year, which is a major reason it tends to be the most popular time to take on the mountain among tourists.

Rwenzori Mountains Climbing Trails

If ypur plannng to summit margherita peak , the first question is which month to travel and which route to explore , Rwenzori Mountains has 3 routes which are open for adventures to Rwenzoris, that is Rwenzori Central Circuit , Kilembe trail and Bukurungu trail which is the newest that is done on wild camping since there are no huts.

Rwenzori Central Circuit is the oldest trail that was used by Abruzzi expeditions in 1906 and is managed by Rwenzori Mountaineering services and the Kilembe trail that is managed by Rwenzori Trekking Services.

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