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Karangura Trail

Karangura trail (Kazingo- Karangura- Mabere and Batwa community near Semuliki National Park

Note yet opened !

The trail meander through the bamboo zone with entangled dry and fresh bamboo stems, where the Rwezori Turaco could occasionally be heard making sound, and other bird species which need to be clearly identified, two big families of more than 7 black and white colubus monkeys and blue monkeys are also located near the beautiful River Wasa Valley and Kandebe ridge in the mountains respectively. There is also an indicator that Chimpanzees are residents in this area. As you descend towards Bunbibugyo, beautiful scenery of Semuliki National Park and the Ituri forest in DRC are visibly and clearly be seen.

In the community, the trail will meander through the cocoa gardens, which is the main cash crop for the people in Bundibugyo. A resting camp site for lunch just before the junction of Mabere and Kikyo route from Musandama as you start descending to Bundibugyo could also be established at the following coordinates; 36 N 0184384 UTM 0082709 at 2422 m a.s.l

The Route design will follow Mihunga- Kihuma- Portal peaks- Bukurungu; Kitholhu- Bulemba- Kyarumba and Kyondo; these will be managed under the public private partnership operators to manage tourism activities along the proposed trails.

In addition management will establish a new tourism trail managed by UWA and it will be called Bukurungo trail. This will starting at Kinyampanika, Chunyu, Bukurungu, Bujuku west, above Scott Elliot and to the peaks; then return through Baker, Kurughuta, Mahoma Lake to Mihunga gate


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