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Rwenzori Nature walks : Visit the Rwenzori Mountains

Nature Walks around lakes , Rivers in Rwenzori Mountains National Park will reward you with unique experience and feel of the Rwenzoris while on Uganda Safari holiday tailored by Rwenzori Expeditions.

Nature walk is divided into two types according to the experts of Rwenzori Expeditions

Community Nature walks – These are done in the local community around Rwenzori Mountains National park which is known for Hiking tours . there is no Payment of park Entrance fees

Rwenzori Nature walk – these are the nature walks that are guided by experts and include the payment of the Park entrance fees since its done within the Park. The significant trails include Buraro chimp forest, Lake Mahoma trail, Central circuit zone, Kilembe trail, Bwamba pass.

Bwamba pass

Bwamba trail is the only route between the town of Bundibugyo on the border with Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. For one to use this trail, he or she must be physically fit due to its challenging elevation of 1,500 to 3,000 meters.

During the hike through Bwamba trail, you will walk through the isolated mountain villages where you will meet different cultural tribes like the Bakonzo locals also known as the keepers of the mountain.

Also, you will have to cross different vegetation zones like the Bamboo forests plus the Afro-montane forests as you enjoy the breathtaking views of several features like the mystical Rwenzori mountains, and the western rift valley as you watch different wildlife species like birds, mammals, primates, reptiles, insects and others.

The walk through the Bwamba trail will start at Kazingo UWA trailhead in Bundibugyo by the lead of the local guides from the Abanya Community. The nature walks in Bwamba trail are one of the relaxing moments in the Rwenzori mountains as you enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere like the forests, mountain peaks, rivers, the western rift valley and others.

Ruboni Village walk

The Ruboni village walk mainly takes you to Ruboni village which has a composition of 2000 people. Ruboni community walk involves visiting the local people – the Bakonzo also known as the mountain keepers. These people are the first inhabitants of the Rwenzori mountains and visiting them will surely be one of the best experiences to encounter.

The walk is all about learning about the daily practices, way of life, cultures, traditions, norms of the Bakonzo local residents who reside around this area.  It starts from Ruboni Camp which is among the recommended accommodation in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The Bakonzo locals live at the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains and during a good time with them, they will show you their daily activities like farming as they also entertain you through their local performances like dances, songs and drama.

Buraco Chimp forest

The guided nature walk offers you a great opportunity to explore about more attractions in the national park like trees, mountain peaks, birds, insects, animals and many others. For a perfect experience, Rwenzori mountains national park has got a number of walking trails both outside and within the park premises. Among these trails include the Buraco Chimp forest.

The forest walks come with a chance for you to sight the numerous Colobus monkeys, the three-horned chameleons, birds including the Rwenzori Turacos. This hike starts from the Lodge and it rewards you with the chance to see wildlife.

The Northern pass hike

The Northern pass is a mini hike offering incredible ascend to 3000m elevation on Rwenzori Mountain ranges. It is found along the Northern side of Rwenzori Mountains and it offers the best moderate to even more challenging hikes. Like other nature walking trails, hiking/walking through the Northern pass is done with park guide on lead.

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