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Africa Climbing Safaris- Rwenzori Trekking Tours & Mountaineering Expeditions.

10 Days Bukurungu Trail hike in Rwenzori Mountains
Bukurunguru Wilderness Trail with Rwenzori Expeditions

Experience Counts! Get Expert Climbing Advice,High Success Rate & Outstanding Service,Certified English Speaking Guides, Climbing Gear when you select to travel with us on your Africa Mountaineering tour! Rwenzori Expeditions is re known operator that offers unique Mountain trekking tours to Uganda, Rwanda , Democratic republic of Congo for family adventurers or Group trips to Various Mountains with in Africa!

When you think about climbing volcanoes , East African Kilimanjaro Mountain is the first to come to mind. The Virunga Mountains across the country from Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, and the famous “Nyiragongo Volcano”. Each Mountaineering Tour in the region has its own mystique and the team has tailored the unique Climbing tours that include the visit to Rwenzori Mountains.

These Multi country trekking adventure are tailored to enable you explore the various Safari destinations
We’d traveled to the East Africa including Rwanda, Uganda , DR Congo , Kenya and Tanzania  years before we started running trips, and after a few years guiding trips out in Rwenzori Mountains, we decided it was time to bring our expertise to offer Multi Country Adventures.

Compare Africa Mountain  hiking and trekking to Rwenzori Mountains, Kilimanjaro Mountain, Mount Meru, Mount Elgon & Mount Kenya offers from professional local trekking company. Find your perfect trek even on last minutes. Best price guaranteed!

Multi Country Mountaineering Tours 2023/2024

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