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Rwenzori Trekking, Climbing & Mountaineering Tours

What a Trip to Uganda without a visit to the mountains of the moon! Come experience the most beautiful sights in the world as you discover the secrets of nature for a mind blowing trekking trip by taking on the challenging trails like Rwenzori Central Circuit and Kilembe trail for memorable Mountaineering experience.  Look no where else Primate safari experiences ltd is at your service even in this new normal.

A trekking adventure to the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda, or the Mountains of the Moon, is one of Africa best-kept adventure travel secrets only found at Rwenzori Expeditions.

About Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori mountains is a home to six of Africa’s 10 tallest peaks and the least climbed owing to its challenges. The park is not only home to Margherita peak but it is also the play ground for six of the 10 tallest mountains a fact that is less known.

Rwenzori Mountains is located in Rwenzori Mountains National Park in western Uganda and is UNESCO heritage site, which is the third highest peak in Africa.

The landscapes, colors, and Critters of the Rwenzori mountains are ever changing like a story from Jurassic park which is beyond one’s imagination.


The altitude is literally breath taking balanced on the spine of the DR Congo & Uganda. Rwenzori is not a child’s play park so its advisable to have attempted a small mountain before daring Rwenzori Mountains so you require mountaineering experience to enable you reach Margherita peak( 5109M ). Owing to the tough terrain, relation isolation, & over shadowing of mount Kilimanjaro at 5895M and Mount Kenya 5199m sees the park remain invisible to tourists.
Rwenzori is scramble, muddy and there is more dirt. Once your mood is high, the clear buy skies and abundant everlasting flowers and the high altitude euphoria keeps you going to the top.

The oldest person to summit Uganda’s Margherita peak was Beryl Park from Canada within 5 days of hiking in 2010. Are you summit lover?  Come and take on the challenge


Book with us now and enjoy our special offers on climbing the Rwenzori Mountains & Gorillas  in this new normal as we offer private or group adventures:
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On this trip you can trek the gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park & Mgahinga National Park and finish with the climb to the Margherita peak on Mountain Rwenzori or either way you can climb to the summit and end with the gorilla trek or chimpanzee watching in Kibale Forest national Park.


Rwenzori Mountains National Park has three trekking trails, the most popular is the central circuit and the kilembe trail.
Rwenzori Central Circuit is approximately 24 kilometers to get to the peak. This will take you around 7 days to complete the hike. The trail starts from Mihunga gate and its the easiest and shortest route to the peak save for the rough path save after John Matte Camp.

Kilembe Trail is the favorite among travelers much as its longer than the Central Circuit owing to its professionalism, comfortable mountain Huts and quality equipments and safety measures available for hire. it takes 8 days to reach to the peak


And Other Peaks of The Rwenzoris

Besides the six largest massifs of the Rwenzori Range listed below, the ranges being somewhere around 50 km in length, it has a number of other significant summits with tens of other peaks offering great moments and views of the surrounding to hikers.


Located near Mount Emin, situated north of Mount Stanley, speke and Baker triangle


Characterized by its narrow and rocky ridges as well as the twin peaks.


The second highest peak in the Rwenzoris enclosing the upper Bujuku Valley


Mt Stanley is situated between Uganda and Congo at an elevation of 5109m


It is the shortest of the six central massifs and was the first to lose its glacial ice.


The mountain that most people trekking the Rwenzoris encircle during their hike.

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