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Mount Bakers

Climbing Mount Baker in Rwenzori Mountains.

Plan and book a trekking tour to Mount Baker with Rwenzori Expeditions which is is situated in Rwenzori Mountains National Park which is a unique trip recommended for ultimate mountaineering Experiences.

Mount Baker climbing tour is a unique way to learn the different vegetation covers and know the snow lavas like the Mount Stanley , Emin and others.


Mount Baker or Kiyanja is a mountain in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda,2.8 kilometers from the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With a height of 4,844 meters and it can be trekked in 6 Days Rwenzori Tour.

Naming of Mount Baker

Mount Baker is the mountain that most people who come to trek Rwenzori must encircle during their hike through the amazing rwenzori Mountains on the 7 Days Rwenzori trekking. It is the third highest massif in the range within the Rwenzori Mountains.

Mount Bake was named by  Sir Samuel Baker (1821 – 1893) who along with his wife, were the first Europeans to see Lake Albert to the North of the Rwenzori and Murchison Falls on the course of the Nile during an expedition to discover the source to the Nile.

Other Peaks.

Mount Baker contains several peaks, including Edward (4843 m.), Semper (4794 m), Moore (4623 m.), and Wollaston (4626 m).

The first ascent route and the standard means to reach the summit is up the south ridge of the peak. Most people start at the beautiful Kitandara Lakes, and go up the trail towards Fresh field Pass to where the trail levels out. From here, it is possible to continue up the slope past several small ponds to a small saddle just west of the ridge.

Continuing up to the west of the actual ridge line it is now possible to reach the summit without ever stepping foot on snow or glaciers. It is possible that you might encounter a few 4th class moves on this route.

Mount Baker Climbing

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