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Camping & Huts-Accommodations in Rwenzori National Park.

The existing nature of accommodation on both trails are Huts which are constructed by Uganda wildlife Authority has limited bed capacity to cater for the growing number of visitors while there are basically no hut facilities along the proposed new Bukurungo trail!

Mutinda camp(3688m)Never be worried of where your going to spend your night in Rwenzori Mountains while on a Trekking adventure with Rwenzori Expeditions? We do confirm to you that there is accommodations at the different Peaks in Rwenzori Mountains to use as overnight stays  if you have booked your adventure with Primate Safari Experiences.

Accommodation in Rwenzori Mountains

Accommodation are basic camps or huts compared to the  distinctive hotel types at the base. The huts are built of wood material designed to keep you warm and dry giving you a comfortable sleep after a long day trek, as well as preparations for the next day trek.

The sleeping arrangements in these huts is  one hiker per form mattress in either a double or Trippe daker bed inside the hut. The huts are strategically situated so that it offers a remarkable views of the rolling mist to the green scenery and stunning views of other related peaks including Mount BakerMount Speke, Mount Stanley  all around.

Rwenzori Mountaineering Services Camps

Rwenzori Mountains National Park’s huts are established in different regions depending on the trekking/routes of Kilembe trekking trail and the central circuit trail include.

  •  Nyabitaba hut at 2651m,
  • John Matte hut at3505m,
  • Bujuku hut at 3962m ,
  • Elena hut at 4023m ,
  • Kitandara hut at 4023m ,
  • Guyeoman hut at 3505m.

Rwenzori Trekking Services Huts & Accommodations in the Mountains.

Rwenzori Trekking services was established by an Australian in the 2010, and operate a circuit out of Kyanjuki to the south.  RTS has eight camps and they are rated as clean and reliable for climbing Rwenzori Mountains

The huts are set up at different point to over great overnight stay and relaxation as you summit the Rwenzori Mountains and huts for  Kilembe trekking route include

  • sine hut at 2585m,
  • Kalalama hut at 3147m,
  • Mutinda camp at 3688m,
  • Bugata camp at 4062m ,
  • Butawu at 3974 ,
  • Hunswick camp at 3974m
  • Magheritah Camp at 4485m
  • Kiharo Camp  at 3460m

It is important that you carry rain gear and warm clothes because chances are high that it might rain during your day treks, and the nights are usually very cold

The other Lodges around Rwenzori Mountains National Park ranges between Budget, to Mid-range, to high-end or luxury types including:

Rwenzori Accommodations – Hotels & Safari Lodges

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