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Mount Gessi

Climbing Mount Gessi in Rwenzori Mountains.

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Mount Gessi is located near Mount Emin, situated north of Mount Stanley, speke and Mount Baker. This peak was named after an Italian explorer Romulo Gessi of the Source of the Nile.

The mountain has twin peaks of Lolanda (15,470 ft.) and Bottego (15,418 ft.), and is separated from Emin by just a narrow valley

Hiking Mount Gessi

Hiking Mount Gessi starts from Mugusu Valley through the ground forests to Roccato pass, which then continues through the thick brush and slabs. After which, it takes you to the ridge between the two peaks. These peaks were once covered with glaciers, but eventually melted way.

The ascent route used by Duke melted, and is now a series of horribly mossy steep slabs hence not recommended for Beginners hiking.

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