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Elderly Gorilla trekking Uganda

Gorilla Trekking for Disabled and Elderly

Elderly & Senior Citizen Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

When it comes to Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo , the Age restriction is only applying to children below the age of 15 years but for adults, its possible even the elders , disabled and senior citizens to go gorilla trekking & hike Rwenzori Mountains on Uganda safari tour tailored by Rwenzori Expeditions.

Senior Gorilla trekking in Uganda is possible when your traveling as family in Uganda or a group of relatives that wish to have exclusive gorilla watching in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park and Volcanoes national park as its stated in the article of where to see gorillas in Africa during your primate trekking tour in Africa.

Under what Age do we say that your a senior travelers  at Rwenzori Expeditions

When it comes to age, most of the travelers that we take for gorilla trekking & rwenzori treks are between 20 to 35 years and we do classify travelers from 50 years and above as senior travelers that require extra case to make their dreams come true as they have always wished to come face to face with the Mountain gorillas , Summit Margherita peak on a ultimate Safari experience  within Africa on expeditions that are ranked as active Safaris.

Dont Limit your self , its possible for the disabled and elderly to see the gorillas in Africa on gorilla trekking tour tailored by Rwenzori Expeditions with extension to hike the Rwenzori Mountains on a unique tailored Safari tour. Above the age of 70 year ? We have got covered on an Elderly gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Contact us to book.

Elderly Gorilla trekking Uganda

Meeting these mountain gorillas so close is life changing & a dream come true to many travelers if they book their gorilla trekking in Uganda & Rwanda, so if you are a senior citizen and you cant hike through the rough terrains of the park,  they can carry on the stretchers and take you  to meet these mountain gorillas. Get the best quote now from Us

How do we manage to take elderly and disabled on Gorilla Trekking

This differs from Country to Country where you have selected to trek the gorillas within Africa but all have similar practices like the car chair that they modified to be used as emergency carrier for disabled , elders and senior gorilla trekkers where they are carried by the porters . This chair is also available for Rwenzori Trekking of seniors and Nyiragongo hike in Congo and never get surprised or worried that you may fall, these are experts in this field as they have been doing it for over the years with the clearance from the various service providers within Africa.

If your strong enough to walk the distance , we can advise your safari guide to select for you the gorilla family that is close  for gorilla trekking and the walk will last for over 2 hours and you will be back from the gorilla trekking .

Whats the cost for Gorilla trekking for disabled and Elderly

The extra cost for carrying the senior citizen on gorilla trekking is 500$ ( if you specify this at the time of booking the gorilla tour and we shall include it in the cost)  from the park headquarters to the gorillas and back to the start point of the gorilla trekking. So never allow to miss the gorilla watching experience due to disability or elderly issues as Rwenzori Expeditions has got you covered on this once-in-a-lifetime Experience of  gorilla trekking.

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