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Lakes & Rivers in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The  extensive glaciation in the Rwenzori Mountain with the retreat of the glaciers since the last ice age, there have been a large number of lakes formed as a result of the flow of the rivers. The Rain and snowfall on the southeastern slope of the Rwenzori mountain ranges supplies three main rivers  and that is  Nyamwamba, Mubuku and Nyamugasani and a few smaller rivers, which traverse the rift valley plains and eventually drain into lake Edward and swamps surrounding Lake George in the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park.

These same rivers supply water to the few craters lakes that are found within the various Valleys in the Rwenzori Mountains that are explore by trekkers that select to visit Rwenzori Mountains on hiking tours that are lead by experts within the region.

Among the Key lakes that you will visit in the slops of Rwenzori Mountains while traveling with Experts in adventures.

  • Lake Bujuku

Lake Bujuku at the head of the Bujuku Valley right beneath the three highest mountains in the range. it was formed due to blocking of glaciers from the surrounding mountains of Mount Stanley, Mount Baker and Mount Speke forming one of the most beautiful valleys in the Rwenzori ranges and its found in the valley of Bujuku, travelers that wish to hike to lake Bujuku should book 4 days Bujuku hiking tour with experts.  Read More

  •   lake Irene

Irene Lake is next to Stuhlmann Pass and is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo and has a length of 0.28 kilometers. Travelers who are interested in visiting this lake on Rwenzori Mountains are recommended to book their trek via Bukurungu trail which is always 10 Days Rwenzori Tour. check out for more details

  • Lake Kitandara

Lake Kitandara are located in the middle of the three peaks of Rwenzori Mountains and there are two kitandaras, that is the upper lake Kitandara and the lower Lake Kitandara which are all visited by clients that wish to explore the Peaks of Rwenzori Mountains.

  • Lac Noir DRC

Stretching over the side of Democratic Republic of Congo, Lac Noir is one of the amazing lakes in the mystical Rwenzori Mountains which is protected by Virunga national park. The lake always appears below the hikers during their time at Kiondo Hut at 4,303 meters which is reached after a tough climb. While at the lake, expect severe coldness due to the snowy peaks. This coldness at the destination (Kiondo Hut) will even make the teas cool fast and the campfires will also be unable to provide enough warmth.

  • Lac Vert DRC

Also at the side of Democratic Republic of Congo, Lac Vert is another lake seen during the hike of the third highest mountain ranges on the African continent that are located in Virunga national park of Congo and Rwenzori mountains national park of Uganda. Just like Lac Noir, Lac Vert also appears to the hikers just after the tough hike to Kiondo Hut that elevates at a height of 4,303 meters. The lake lies in the fog after a climb through the dense lobelia forest as you proceed to Lac Gris.

  • Lac De La Lune DRC

Another lake on the side of Democratic Republic of Congo, Lac De La Lune is also a pond on the Rwenzori mountain ranges in Uganda and DRC. Also known as the Moon Lake, Lac de la Lune is located at a height of 4050 meters above the sea level and can be seen after a hike through the giant lobelia and the giant groundsel of the national park. This amazing lake is thought to be Ptolomy’s source of the Nile and it is located in the bottom of the valley which is surrounded by unique vegetation.

Apart from the lakes, Rwenzori mountains also features other attractions like snow peaks, bird species, unique vegetation, hot springs, glaciers and many others.

Rivers in Rwenzori Mountains

There are mainly three rivers in the Rwenzori Mountains that are recorded in the books of Records but there are many seasonal rivers that are un recorded – these include river Mubuku, Nyamwamba, Mubuku, and Ruimi Rivers  and these are the main cause of seasonal flooding within the Rwenzori Mountains and Kasese District. Other rivers that head to DR Congo side include Rwanoli River, Noel Huphries which are forming part of the source of River Nile between the two peaks of  Crophi and Mophi

The Nyamugasani River drains into Lake Edward and  the Butawu and Lamya Rivers join Lake Edward’s outflow, the Semliki, en route to Lake Albert.( these are less prominent compared to the first three that are known for flooding.

Climbing Slopes of Rwenzori Mountains.

While on a an expedition to Rwenzori mountains , more rewarding facts and interesting things to see and do as you cross through the valleys and hike the portal peaks . Depending on the route selected , you will explore crater lakes in the Mountains while get their water from the glaciers of the snow capped mountains ( Mountains of the moon) The majestic Rwenzori Mountains stand out against the backdrop of the green hilly landscape.

Facts About Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Did you know that Rwenzori is home to a lot of rare alpine vegetation, and you will cross endlessly diverse landscapes while climbing? From the dense rain forest to bamboo forests, to the giant tree heaths to snowy peaks.

Check on the recommended 15 Days Rwenzori Trekking which is tailored for unique adventurous travelers that would like to use private routes.

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