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Lakes & Rivers in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

During the great Expedition on Rwenzori Mountains, you should expect to see a many lakes and rivers as you will cross valleys and hills to be able to summit to the peak with experienced local guide of Rwenzori Expeditions. The majestic Rwenzori Mountains stand out against the backdrop of the green hilly landscape.

There has been extensive glaciation seen in the Rwenzori Mountain. With the retreat of the glaciers since the last ice age, there have been a large number of lakes left behind. Many of these are nestled deep under cliffs and steep slopes, surrounded by the wild and convoluted high altitude vegetation, and draped in swirling mists.

They are among the most exotic and beautiful lakes in the world. For people hiking the circuit of the central peaks, the first major lake that most encounter is Lake Bujuku at the head of the Bujuku Valley right beneath the three highest mountains in the range.

On clear days there are excellent views from the eastern bank of this lake up to the remnant glaciers on Mt. Stanley. Continuing over Scott Eliot Pass, one reaches the two Kitandara Lakes, with the Kitandara Hut located right on the banks of the lower lake. This is one of the most beautiful spots that I have ever seen. Learn more about the routes to be relied on during your safari trek with experts in Mountaineering in Rwenzoris.

At the headwaters of the Rwanoli River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo lies the spectacular Lac de la Lune. Several, including Noel Huphries to suggested that it is Herodotus’ bottomless lake forming the source of the Nile between the two peaks he called Crophi and Mophi (from Yeoman, 1989, pg. 148).

Facts About Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Did you know that Rwenzori is home to a lot of rare alpine vegetation, and you will cross endlessly diverse landscapes while climbing? From the dense rain forest to bamboo forests, to the giant tree heaths to snowy peaks.

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Climb Rwenzori Mountains

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