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Hot springs in Rwenzori mountains- Rwenzori Expeditions

Did you know that the amazing Rwenzori mountains have also got hot springs? This is something unbelievable and surprising due to the coldness and the glaciated peaks within these mystical mountains. But, Rwenzori Expeditions  has got you covered with all the necessary information about these rare hot springs in the snow capped mountains and we are willing to take you through all the destinations of your choice. Below is a bucket-list of the unique hot springs in the Rwenzori mountains which lies between the international border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo;

Rwagimba hot spring

Located in Kibito sub County in Kabarole district, Rwagimba hot springs are one of the hot springs found within the Albertine rift in the western region of the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. These breathtaking springs are situated within River Rwimi separating the districts of Kabarole and Kasese. Rwagimba hot springs contain sulphur thus seeking the attention of different people including the locals who believe that it cures several infections when they bathe in them. With a boiling point of approximately 65 degrees Celsius, Rwagimba hot springs are historically very important since they were used by the King of Toro and his chiefs inform of rejuvenating himself.

Bugoye hot spring

Located in Bugoye town, Bugoye hot spring is another hot spring in Uganda found in the western region of the country within the Rwenzori mountains. Lying close to the international border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, the spring is known as a destination where the ground water flows naturally from the ground. Also known as the marginal springs, Bugoye hot springs contain very low temperatures boiling at about 25 degrees Celsius. During your good time in the region, take a number of wonderful photographs for remembrance.

Muhokya hot spring

Situated close to Kinakavi peak, Muhokya Hot spring is also a hot spring in the western part of Uganda. The hot springs are regarded as immature waters ranging at a boiling point of approximately 41 degrees Celsius. As you move to the springs, charge your phones and digital cameras to enable you take various beautiful photographs for your life – time memory.

Enock’s falls

In the western part of Uganda, Enock’s falls are one of the amazing falls within the mystical Rwenzori mountains. The falls are seen during the magnificent hike to Sine Camp through the Kilembe trail at 1,450m. The steady hike will take you through different vegetation zones like the Afro-montane forest zone as you spot some fauna species like colobus monkeys, insects, birds and others. The Rwenzori hike to the camp covers a total distance of 9.5 kilometers and from here, you will hike just 200 meters to the magnificent Enock falls.

Apart from the hot springs, there are also other attractions in the mystical Rwenzori mountains and among these include the lakes, rivers, communities, peaks, bird species, mountain peaks and many others.

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