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The Best Guide To Rwenzori acclimatization

The Best Acclimatization for Climbing  Rwenzori

The best acclimatization guide for Mountain Rwenzori trekking is very simple. Take more time. It does costs more money each day you are on the mountain, but trust us, it makes all the difference. Rwenzori Expeditions offers the best advise & guide to plan your safari to Rwenzori Mountains National park for unique climbing experience, your summit is our ultimate goal at the local trekking company. Dont miss check on the beginners guide to climb Rwenzori Mountains for planning tips and hiking notes.

The very best way to safely acclimatize on a Rwenzori climb is to choose a good route. A good route doesn’t take you up the mountain too quickly. It also includes at least one opportunity to ‘climb high, sleep low’. We explain what this means .

When you ascend too quickly into the thin air near the top of a great mountain like Rwenzori mountains, your body reacts by developing altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness is an illness that can involve all sorts of nasties, like headaches, nausea and dizziness. At its meanest, altitude sickness can actually kill you. So how do you avoid getting altitude sickness? The answer is acclimatization.

The main reason so many Rwenzori trekkers – around 10% – don’t make it to the summit is that they climb the mountain too quickly, and develop altitude sickness.

Acclimatization is about letting your body adapt at a reasonable pace to the thinner air before taking it any higher.

There are 3 Rwenzori routes, and some offer better acclimatization than others. You therefore want to choose a route that offers adequate acclimatization.

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