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Tipping of Guides in Rwenzori Mountains – Rwenzori Expedition Tip Policy.

Unlike the developed tipping policies for mountaineers in Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya , the Rwenzori Mountains tripping policy remains among the unclear ones that Rwenzori Expeditions is trying to make it prefect for the clients to enjoy their adventure in the Rwenzori Mountains with the leading local operators in Rwenzori trekking tours.

What is certain is that, in addition to the cost of booking your Rwenzori trek, you will also need to shell out tips to your crew at the end of the experience upon return to Rwenzori Mountains National Park head quarter respective of the route used for the vacation.

Why is tipping not included in the price?

Tipping is a very cultural thing on Rwenzori. The tradition of tipping has evolved over the last two decades to it’s current state. As Rwenzori expeditions, we don’t get involved in the tipping process. We can only give you our guidelines on what the crew is expecting. Tips are given directly by you to the crew.

  1. There is a strong reason we can’t include tips in the price itself. If we include the tips in the price, we will be accused of overcharging the clients for tips and underpaying the tips to the crew. Transparency is lost. We will be accused of charging USD 500 in tips from you, and only paying the crew USD 100.
  2. The second reason is that tips vary depending on group size. We don’t know ahead of time what the final group size is going to be.

As of Now tipping is depending on your enjoyment as the client.

Note : Tip should be handed over to the head guide on the last day of the climb.

Our Rwenzori Expeditions Tipping guidelines

Although larger tips are always appreciated by our staff, they will be extremely grateful if you follow the guidelines for tipping given below. These amounts given below are for the whole group. For e.g, the whole group tips USD 7 to the cook per day. So these costs will be divided amongst the whole group.

  • Mountain guide : $15 per day from the whole group
  • Cook : $7 per day from the whole group
  • Porter : $5 per day from the whole group
  • Summit porter : $10 per day from the whole group

Please be gracious enough to tip your guides, chefs and porters for an excellent service during Rwenzori Climb. For a pittance, they break their backs and brave the cold for you

Recommended Tip to Company Safari Guide.

The Company Safari guide we mean the tour leaders that picks you from Kampala or Entebbe or Kigali and transfers you to various destinations including the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Kibale for Primate watching.  Check on the Safari guide page

The recommended tip for a company Safari Guide is between $20 to $25 per day. This should only be given at the end of the trip and only when you are satisfied with their overall performance.

If you are many travelers, collect the money and hand it to the Guide as group. A Guide who picks you up on time, is courteous and shares with you everything you need to know during the Uganda safari deserves a tip. The traveler can choose not to tip the Guide even if she/he was excellent.

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