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White Water Rafting in Uganda –  Uganda Safari Experiences; Rwenzori Expeditions

Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the entire world, and for good reason we do hold the safari sport activity in Uganda on the River Nile in Jinja . Not only does it allow travelers to visit unique – and often breathtakingly beautiful – destinations, it provides quite an adrenaline rush along the way. There is nothing quite like rushing down a turbulent river while amazing landscapes flash by along the shore.

many White water rafting companies in Uganda provide visitors with a quality experience, but as you might expect, not all of them are created equal.Rafting on the Nile

White Water Rafting in Uganda – Jinja Town

Are you an adventurous traveler and exploring unique and enjoying experiences is your number one hobby? Look no further because Rwenzori expeditions under the management of Primate Safari Experiences Limited in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda is here to take you through all sorts of adventures and entertainments. The company works with an experienced team which is highly qualified in almost every tourism product including wildlife viewing, birding, and also the amazing white-water rafting experience.  The experience is done in Jinja district, Eastern region of Uganda where the Nile – the world’s longest river flows upland out of Lake Victoria.

White water rafting experience starts with orientation about safety and what to expect during the activity with an aim of ensuring that all rafters have the best equipment and experience. During the orientation, you will be taught different stuffs concerning the white – water rafting and among these include how to hold a rope for your safety and others. Rafters are then allowed to choose the level of rafts they would want to go for.

Grades/levels of white-water rafting

During water rafting, you will have a life time memory as each rafting trip is filmed and kept in the record. The rafts are done at different grades of rapids and the higher the grade, the fast the rapids become. With the lower rapids, you will gain confidence as you get used to the rapid until you reach grade twelve, the most turbulent grade along the rafting route. On every grade/level, there is a different experience to encounter and below are the different levels for the activity;

Level I – This is the start off stage and here, the water is moving over shallow riverbed

Level 2– In this stage, the waves start making fun splashes though the rapids are easy to navigate

Level 3 – As you move to the third level, some technical skills are required due to the fun waves and rapids

Level 4 – More technical skills are required here due to the different obstacles like rocks in the white water

Level 5 – In this level, you will hinder major obstacles and high rapids that are difficult to avoid

Level 6 – In this last stage, you will face unnavigable white-water rapids and obstacles

During every level of the experience, there is a lot to expect like lots of thrills garnished with spills of water and splashes with a matter of fact, white water rafting brings a traveler out of his/her comfort zone.

Recommended Rafting Companies to Book With.

There are about four companies that organize white water rafting at Lake Victoria and Rive Nile  which have a strong partnership with Rwenzori Expeditions for handling its clients on Rafting tours .

These Companies include :

  • Raft Africa
  • Nalubale rafting
  • Nile River explores
  • Raft Uganda

Cost price for Rafting Experience in Uganda.

The cost price of  white-water rafting ranges as below

  • Half day Rafting is US$ 145
  • Full day is US$ 255 USD
  • Half day for Local Residents US$ 100 for the East African residents
  • Ugandan Citizens is UGX 250,000

What to pack for the experience?

For your safety during the experience, you are not allowed to go for white water rafting without a helmet and life jackets. These are provided to the rafters before starting the encounter. Also, you are advised to carry some swim gaggles to help you prevent water from entering your eyes and also wear very tight clothes to feel light. Also, you will need to have extra clothes to use after the experience.

Best time to go for white-water rafting experience.

The best time for the amazing experience is during the dry season in the months of January to February or June to September. This is because in the dry periods, the skies are clear with strong sunlight thus a need to cool your skin in the cold waters of the Nile. Check out

Other experiences that are done on River Nile.

Apart from white-water rafting experience, there are variety of activities from which the traveler can choose while in the district of Jinja and among these include;

  • Jet Boat riding
  • Tubing the Nile.
  • Zip Lining in Mabira
  • Birding
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