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Rwenzori Mountains

Looking at Selecting Rwenzori Mountains to Climb while on your visit in Uganda ? Rwenzori Expeditions offers free travel guide information about the various peaks that make up the Rwenzori Mountains. Rwenzori mountains is composed of 6 Mountains to make the ranges which are located in Uganda & DR Congo.

Other Peaks: Although I have just described the six largest massifs of the Rwenzori Range, it is somewhere around 50 km in length and has a number of other significant summits. The first peaks that you see on the standard circuit are actually the Portal Peaks, a small cluster of some 10 peaks with dramatic cliffs on the eastern sides. Kihuma at 4391 meters is the highest and can be ascended from the vicinity of the John Matte Hut, heading north to the swampy Bukurungu Pass then east to the summit. The range tapers off to the north of this, but even with Fort Portal 20 km to the north is the summit of Karangora (3014 meters) I know nothing about this peak.

As noted above, Rwenzori Trekking Service has opened a southern hiking route in the park. There is a large cluster of high summits to the south-west of Mt. Luigi Di Savoia, with the highest being Humphries (4578 meters). Osmaston reports that it is drier here, leading to pleasant walking and climbing of these peaks from the upper Nyamugasani Valley. To the south-east of this valley and its many lakes is yet another cluster of peaks, topped by Rwatamagufa at 4253 meters. These can be reached by various routes from the Rwatamagufa valley.

West of the main peaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there are also several peaks of note. Mt. Mugule and Wasumeso (4462 meters) that would both provide spectacular views of Mt. Stanley given good weather, and Catafalque to the west of Mt. Speke.


Located near Mount Emin, situated north of Mount Stanley, speke and Baker triangle


Characterized by its narrow and rocky ridges as well as the twin peaks.


The second highest peak in the Rwenzoris enclosing the upper Bujuku Valley


Mt Stanley is situated between Uganda and Congo at an elevation of 5109m


It is the shortest of the six central massifs and was the first to lose its glacial ice.


The mountain that most people trekking the Rwenzoris encircle during their hike.

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