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Rwenzori Trekking Services

The Rwenzori Trekking Services (RTS) are the concessionaire to manage the “Kilembe Trail”, the new route open in the Southern Rwenzori, officially inaugurated by Uganda Wildlife Authority on 27th September 2008. The headquarter is in Kilembe, village outside Kasese town along Kilembe road.
The RTS were founded by Mr. John Hunwick, for 25 years active in building community projects for the benefit of communities. In this view, tourism should bring local development in terms of social support, construction of schools, roads, health centres and giving new job opportunities. Seen the benefits of tourism, the communities will be incentivated to contribute for the sustainable development and conservation of the national park, reducing on activities like poaching within the national aprk or cutting of trees for charcoal burning.

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