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Lake Mahoma

Lake Mahoma – Rwenzori Mountains National Park – Rwenzori Expeditions

Lake Mahoma is found in Rwenzori Mountains National Park and is among the top visited lake for nature walk lovers that select the feel of Rwenzoris with Rwenzori Expeditions. It can be explored on 3 Days Lake Mahoma Nature walk which is 24 km hike with Rwenzori Mountaineering Services that manages Rwenzori Central Circuit.

Lake Mahoma is located at about 3,000m asl within Rwenzori Mountains National Park and is the deepest lake in the Rwenzori mountain ranges.


It can be accessed via the Rwenzori Central Circuit which is the oldest hiking trail in Rwenzori Mountains and its complicated to be visited when your from Kilembe trail or Bukurungu trail.

Nature Walk tour to Lake Mahoma

Rwenzori Expeditions the leading tour operator in tailoring unique Rwenzori trips , offers simplified camping and nature walk safari around Lake Mahoma which always ranges from 2 Day Lake Mahoma tour and 3 Days Lake Mahoma Trek .On the Lake Mahoma Day tour , you will be camping and no sleeping in Huts , but just tents.

The hike is for 28 kms to be completed and its always on circular design since its found within the Rwenzori Central Circuit trail , and you will spot various birds while on the trek with experienced rangers of Rwenzoris

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