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Looking for Short trek to Summit to Rwenzori Mountains via rwenzori Central Circuit and its the oldest trail in Rwenzori Mountains that is used for trekking adventure to climb to the peak. We do have a strong partnership with rwenzori Mountaineering services that is a community owned by Locals.

Central circuit is the traditional route that approaches the Rwenzori mountains from the East of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park . The Central Circuit route is  managed by Rwenzori Mountaineering services a local based company  limited by Guarantee.

Trekking tours that have follow this route will enjoy the scenic view of the following Mountains that include Mount Baker, Mount Stanley , Mount Speke and sometimes the Weismann peak.

The central circuit trail starts from the trailhead at Mihunga, past Nyabitaba , heading up the Bujuku valley, then to the peaks. After which you will pass over the Scott Elliot Pass to the stunning Kitandara Lakes then over Fresh field Pass into the Mubuku Valley.

There are various huts along this section that are used as accommodations for the trekkers, most of which are quite nice. The trails are very rough and contain deep mud in many places but are quite well maintained given the weather and conditions.

For often times, boardwalks have been put in place over some of the deeper bogs, although majority are now in critical state.

Trips through the Rwenzori central circuit takes about 4-5 days to reach Magheritah peak, thus a 7 Days/6 nights Rwenzori trekking tour to complete the circuit.

Central Central Circuit Trekking Tours

    Rwenzori Chameleon
    From 1,655 $

    Walk the Rwenzoris on trekking tour customized to match your budget and how many people you're planning to travel with on the 9 Days Rwenzori Trekking via Central Circuit  to summit to the margherita peak with experienced local guides for Rwenzori Expeditions the only operator offering Rwenzori Tours.

    Rhino Tracking
    From 1,780 $

    DMC since 2010 in Mountaineering tours leading groups and private travelers to Rwenzori Mountains recommends you to book 9 Days unique Rwenzori Trekking to climb  Mount Speke, Mount Stanley & Mount baker with Rwenzori Expeditions via Rwenzori Central Circuit lead by Experienced Mountaineering guides.

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