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Kilembe Trekking Trail is located in the southern end of the park and its “Southern Circuit” of the Rwenzori was open for tourism in recent years after a concession was granted to “Rwenzori Trekking Services” and after the construction of new huts in this region of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The Trail is Managed and  owned by Rwenzori trekking services ( RTS ) and Rwenzori Expeditions works in a strong partnership to offer Trekking Tours to Rwenzori Mountains.

The trails was established in 2009, as an alternative trekking route to the Rwenzori Mountains, besides the traditional central circuit route.  The southern circuit, though quite challenging which requires extra days to summit to Magheritah Peak with a stunning views of Valleys, trees and other vegetation cover.

The  Shortest Trek to the peak is  7 days kilembe trail trek starts from Rangers Post to Sine Camp, to Mutinda Hut via Kalama hut. The trek then continues to Bugata camp, then to Butawu, which leads to Magheritah camp. It is from this point, that it continues to Magheritah  peak, after which you descend back to Butawu Hut, then to Bugata, after then to the to Kiharo camp and finally to the base. Check out on Huts.

Climb Rwenzori via Kilembe Mountaineering Trails

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