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Margherita Peak Climbing in Rwenzori Mountains

Margherita peak climbing- Rwenzori Expeditions

Climbing to the summit of the third highest mountain on the African continent- Rwenzori, is one of the adventurous and challenging experiences one should encounter before the end of life.

Rwenzori Mountains National park is located in the eastern equatorial Africa on the border between Uganda and Democratic Republic of Uganda, the Rwenzori Mountains are about 7 in number including Mount Stanley that features the highest peak – Margherita elevating at a height of 5,109 meters. Margherita is the highest icy summit that can be reached after hiking through the lush forests. To reach this peak, ascent past the Margherita Glacier up to the final rocks of Mount Stanley which is the highest of all Rwenzori mountains.

Getting to the summit of the peak

The hiking routes to the ice-capped peak – Margherita are divided into two categories that are; High altitude and low altitude.

The low altitude trek route runs for about 4 to 5 days and reach a maximum altitude of about 3,100 meters. While the high altitude trek route takes around 6 – 12 days Rwenzori & Gorillas and reach the altitude of 4,600 meters and above. To reach the summit of Margherita on Mount Stanley which is at an altitude of 5,109 meters, you will spend a minimum of 8 days Rwenzori Trekking  in the mountains.

The route used by many trekkers and guides is via Elena Hut. The technical challenge starts from the Trekkers hostel in Kilembe from the base camp and takes you through the thick forests where you will see several bird species and primates swinging on tree branches. As you continue with the hike, you will spend your overnights at different campsites for your delicious meals up to when you reach the summit.

What to have while trekking to Margherita peak

There are several items you need to have with you as you continue to the summit. Among these include different warm equipment, waterproof jacket, waterproof hiking boots, snow glasses, gloves, ice axel, crampons, water bottle, and a head torch. Check on the packing List

The water bottle must be in hand since you will reach the higher altitude where you will have less oxygen and in this situation, water will play a vital role. You don’t need to worry about the scarcity of water since the mountains feature several clean water streams.

With the head torch, it will help you as you trek through the rocks of Elena Hut since the hiking is done during morning ours. Since the mountain routes are dark in the morning, the head torch will help you in provision of light.

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