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East African Mountaineering Specialists: Safari Destinations - Rwenzori & Gorillas , Wildlife & Chimp

Africa’s most popular safari destinations boast effortless vistas and dramatic game viewing, Gorilla watching, Chimpanzee tracking & Rwenzori Mountaineering Tours. Rwenzori expeditions.com you’ll find the treks that will make your life unforgettable when it comes to East African Region . Whether you want to discover the Rwenzori Mountains or climb the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania , Get the best group tour to Climb Key mountains in Africa with us

East African Travel Specialists

We’ve spent decades working and traveling in East Africa. We’ve led groups through Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda, Mount Kenya Hike in Kenya, designed incredible itineraries to Uganda and Tanzania. East Africa is a region we’re extremely passionate about.

We travel so as to explore, gain perspective and better understand our destinations and our place within it. Our aim at Primate Safari Experiences is to have you return home having seen, explored and felt East Africa. View Trekking Tours

Specialist Teams in 4 Destinations

The team of Primate Safari Experiences are experts and well known DMC that offers trips to Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo & Tanzania with Specialty in Mountaineering tours.

Uganda Safaris – Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Safari

A luxury lodge ( Equator Snow)  on the banks of a river in Rwenzori Mountains, Savannah grasslands stretching out to the horizon only to be broken by the rise of mountain peaks in the distance.

A sunset game drive across Queen Elizabeth National Park , the gorillas in the mist in the famous Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with DMC in Primate Safaris since 2000

Uganda is astonishingly beautiful. This is the safari of your imagination. Find bespoken small gorilla Safari , Rwenzori Trekking & Wildlife watching with local Company.

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