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Transportation to Rwenzori Mountains-  Accessibility: Rwenzori Expeditions.

Planning to explore Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda? Dont get worried about the transportation needs and accessibility of the park as Primate Safari Experiences has  the require Safari land cruisers for your Rwenzori Mountaineering Tour & Gorilla Safari in Uganda with Cross border mountaineering tours.

Find a complete guide on the accessibility of Rwenzori Mountains National Park for Rwenzori mountaineering Adventure in Uganda & DR Congo with Primate Safari Experiences.

When planning a Mountaineering safari to Rwenzori mountains national park for private adventure or group tour at a discounted price? The team of experts is available to guide you on adventure planning at zero cost.

Location of Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is located in south-western Uganda on the east side of the western (Albertine) African rift valley. It lies along Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and borders the DRC’s Virunga National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for 50 km (31 mi). Read More


Rwenzori Mountains National Park can be accessed through two options either by Road or Air. we do offer book flying Safaris to Rwenzori Mountains and ground Mountaineering tours with special discounted prices.

By Road;

The Rwenzori Mountains can be reached through two roots that are:

The First route of Kampala to Kasese via Fort portal city takes 6-7 hours’ drive with watching the primates along the road that connects Kampala to the fort portal and the distance is approximately 300km

The Second Route is via Mbarara Kasese through Queen Elizabeth national park which is approximately 340 km at takes around 8 hours with lunch en-route.  This route will reward you with various tourists attraction like Stopover at the Equator line and spotting wildlife animals in Queen Elizabeth national park and viewing the queen’s Parkview point.

The Route for accessing Rwenzori mountains national park is in the Democratic republic of congo is via Goma with arrival at Goma International Airport and transfer by road to Beni as they proceed to Kasindi the starting point for Rwenzori trekking in Virunga National Park.  Trekkers decide to add on Rwenzori mountains after the Nyiragongo Volcanic hike to enjoy the comparison of the volcano and snow-capped mountains. ( Primate Safari Experiences Ltd does not recommend thisroute as its Risky unless approved by Virunga Foundation that manages the Virunga National Park.)

Comparison of the two Routes in Uganda:

The travelers that select to travel via road using fort portal town reach the destination faster than the one of Mbarara which is longer than the Fort portal. As experts from Rwenzori Expeditions, we recommend travelers use the first route.

We do work in partnership with various players in the transport industry to enable travelers to arrive at destinations, Primate Safari Experiences offers transfers to Rwenzori mountains national park for all its clients that have booked their adventure through us.  Ask for the quote for Rwenzori trekking and  Transfer.

By Air;

In Uganda , there are domestic companies that offer flights to various national Park which include Rwenzori Mountains national Park .

The leading firms are Bar Aviation Ltd and Aero Link Uganda Limited which offer unique routes that include but not limited to Kasese Airstrip which takes 30 minutes to connect to Kasese from Entebbe International Airport.

We do offer free booking of these flights to our clients that wish to explore Uganda in luxury ways of Flying to Rwenzori Mountains. Rwenzori Expeditions can book for you the flight at the most discounted price >>> visit Rwenzori Mountains by flying to the pearl of Africa with classic domestic flights.

Domestic flights in Uganda

Rwenzori Mountaineering Tours 2023/2024

Planning an adventure on Rwenzori mountains National Park in Uganda? Find the reliable facts to enable you to get around Rwenzori mountains, access to the park and various routes and trails for traveling to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Rwenzori Mountains National Park lies a few Kilometers north of the Equator on the Uganda-Congo Border.
The Park headquarters lies at Ruboni Camp where all trekkers are supposed to pay the park entrances fees to enable enjoy the Rwenzori trekking tour in Rwenzori Mountains National Park with Rwenzori Expeditions managed by Primate Safari Experiences LTD.

Rwenzori Trekking tours

We are an experienced, reliable & service-oriented trekking booking agency in Uganda that tailor Rwenzori Mountaineering Tours to visit Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda & Congo with a full department in the company specializing in Trekking. Check on the Rwenzori tours tailored for group & private Person travelers throughout the year.

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