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Mount Speke

Climbing Mount Speke in Rwenzori Mountains.

Plan a climb to Mount Speke which is found  in the Ruwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda and is the second highest mountain after Mount Stanley and its always advisable to join the these two peaks to summit to the top of the Rwenzori Mountains with Rwenzori Expeditions.


Mount Speke is the second highest peak in the Rwenzori Mountains national Park. Speke forms a triangle with Mount Baker and Stanley enclosing the upper Bujuku Valley. Speke Peak stands at an elevation of 16000 feet.

Naming of Mount Speke

Mount Speke was named by John Hanning Speke, who explored Central Africa. Just like other Rwenzori mountains, speke is a long ridge with several various different peaks including Johnson (4834 m.), Vittorio Emanuele (4890 m.) and Ensonga (4865 m.)

How to Reach to Mount Speke.

Once the top of this is reached, one continues up the Southwest ridge to the summit. Although this was formerly an extensive snow climb, it would be possible at this point to bypass the glacier entirely and make the entire ascent in tennis shoes from the hut if the mud isn’t too bad.

The great glaciers that used to lie on the north side of Mt. Speke have now melted, leaving only a remnant of the Speke Glacier on the South, and several smaller bodies of ice in the direction of Ensonga Peak.

Travelers that have booked their hike to Mount Speke should take a note that their trek is longer than the ordinary Rwenzori trekking Tours.

Climbing Mount Speke

Rwenzori Chameleon

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