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Golden Monkeys in Mgahinga National Park – Rwenzori Expeditions.

Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa which is more popular when it comes to Primate Safaris since among the top 10 national parks 4 host the primates, and these primates include the Mountain Gorillas , Golden Monkey , Chimpanzees and 13 primates which are only found in Kibale Forest National Park . The Experts of Primate Safari Experiences offer Uganda Safaris that include the visit to the Primates and slopes of Rwenzori Mountains.

Uganda Safaris- Primate watching & Rwenzoris.

Looking for Uganda Safari add on after Rwenzori trekking? Book Golden monkey tracking/habituation safari  after the rwenzori & gorillas experience in Bwindi and Rwenzori mountains national park ? Don’t skip the unique adventure in Mgahinga National Park that hosts both the mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.

where to trek the Golden Monkey ?

Golden Monkeys are only found within the Virunga Ranges which are shared between Rwanda, Uganda & Democratic Republic of Congo. All these three nations are located within the East African Community and all hold conservation parks for these primates . In Uganda , Golden monkey tracking is done in Mgahinga National Park, in Rwanda its Volcanoes National Park and in DR Congo, they are found in Virunga National Park which is the oldest national Park in Africa.

When it comes to Rwenzori Expeditions , it recommends this golden monkey tracking to be done in Mgahinga National Park which is located close to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park . Mgahinga National Park where golden monkey tracking takes place is located close with a distance drive of 8 hours .

About the Golden Monkey.

The Golden monkey is one of Uganda’s 20 primate species, and Uganda wildlife authority has been conserving them for tourism activity and they are open for watching  and are estimated to be  between 2000 and 4000 individuals in numbers within the greater Virungas.

They have been classified as endangered. They live in troops of about 100 lead by an Alpha male, and mostly feed on bamboo shoots, a variety of seasonal fruits, bamboo leaves, lichens, sprouts, flowers, leaves and small invertebrates.

How to Book Golden Monkey Permits

If your traveling independently on Self drive or after Rwenzori climbing with Rwenzori Expeditions and you like to extend to golden Monkey trek , you can book the Golden Monkey permit with Primate Safari Experiences which is the DMC in primate safaris.

The Price for golden monkey trek permit costs US$ 100 and then the habituation permit is 150 US$.  The difference between the golden monkey tracking permit and the habituation permit is the time of trekking spent with the primates in the wilderness.

If you booked your golden monkey permit with us , we shall give you the permit at the start of the trip or find it in Kisoro town with our company representative.

Briefing about the Golden Monkey in Mgahinga

Your are supposed to be at the park headquarters at 7;00 am for the orientation about the rules and regulations to guide you on your Golden monkey watching experience.  Some of the rules are printed at the back of your golden monkey permit.

Golden Monkey Tracking Experience in Uganda.

Golden monkey trekking is an active tour compared to Chimpanzee trekking and gorilla trekking in certain instances because it is done in the mountainous area and they are continuously moving which requires you to follow them, they are small and fast in their movements. They prefer to rummage through the bamboo sections of the forest because eating the young bamboo shoots.

You spend an hour with the golden monkeys after spotting them. The trekking generally takes about 2 hours depending on where they nested the previous night and how far it is from the starting point.

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