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Climb Rwenzori Mountains – Rwenzori Expeditions.

Plan a climb to Mount Stanley with Rwenzori Expeditions which is is situated in Rwenzori Mountains National Park and forms Margherita on a tour to Uganda. Read about the packing list

When it comes to exploring Mount Stanley on Rwenzori Mountains, Rwenzori Expeditions takes the lead in offering the ultimate & Unique mountaineering tours to Mount Stanley lead by experienced guides who have been guiding tours on Rwenzori for the last decades.

There are two routes that are recommended to be selected from when you plan to trek the rwenzori mountains for scenic view of the snow capped mountain with us .

The Rwenzori Central Circuit trails that is managed by Rwenzori Mountaineering services which is the oldest trail and is managed by the local which provides for Community development and corporate Responsibility in the society. This is more ease than the new trail and it offers budget trips , Mid range trips , Check out for more 

The Kilembe Trail that is managed by Rwenzori trekking Services which is a new trail a a private company and its the unique and green than the old trail, with beautiful hurts for overnight stay which makes it bit expensive than the old one.  IF looking for luxury Rwenzori trekking tour offered by Rwenzori Expeditions , We definitely recommend the RTS trail Check out for more

Climbing Mount Stanley in Rwenzori Mountains

Facts : Mount Stanley is located in the Rwenzori mountains which are found in Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Kasese , which is a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

Location of Stanley

its located between Uganda and Congo at an elevation of 5109m It is the 3rd highest peak in Africa after Kilimanjaro(5,896m) and Mount Kenya (5199m). Be advised that even if you select to trek Rwenzori mountains from Dr Congo always Summit to Stanley via Uganda side and our trips can start from Uganda or Congo Side since they are tailored depending on your interest( Tailor Made Mountaineering tour like 7 Days Rwenzori)

Note : The peak itself forms the boundary between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Scenic mountain Views at Stanley.

Mount Stanley consists of twin summit, and several other peaks, which together support glaciers. Its Major peak is Magheritah(5109m), while other smaller peaks include Alexandra(5091m), Albert(5087m),Savoia (4977m), Ellen(4968), Elizabeth (4929), Phillip(4920m), Moebiu s(4916) and Great Tooth(4603m).

The team of Primate Safari Experiences ltd can tailor a unique Rwenzori tour to Climb the selected peaks that you wish to explore on a Uganda mountaineering tour with us . Contact us now to design the unique holiday at affordable prices.

Naming of Mount Stanley

Mount Stanley was named by Sir Henry Morton Stanley, a British explorer who is famous for Dr. Livingstone.In 1888, he made a definite sighting of the Rwenzori mountains, and reported the name of the mountain range as Ruwenzori to the other Europeans on his return.

The First traveler to climb Mt. Stanley is  Duke of Abruzzi, J. Petigax, C. Ollier, and J. Brocherel on June 18, 1906. It forms a high massif of eleven peaks rising from numerous glaciers including the Stanley Plateau which is the largest mass of ice in the Rwenzori Mountains and is over a kilometer in length.

The highest summit is Margherita Peak, which is usually climbed from the Elena hut, then up to the first rocks, across the snow and ice Stanley Plateau towards Alexandra Peak, (the second highest summit of the massif). Once nearly at the east ridge of this peak, the standard route for Margherita descends a steep gully then climbs the dramatic Margherita Glacier to the Col between Margherita Peak and Alexandra Peak.

From here, one can ascend north to a short but steep rock wall which is climbed to the summit. A rope will be desired for the extensively crevasses glacier and the summit rocks.

The East Ridge of Alexandra Peak (4990 m.) is an excellent climb as well. To the south, there is another cluster of peaks topped by Savoia Peak (4977 m.) An ascent of any of these peaks across the great tropical glaciers is something  that will be savored by most hikers!

Climb Rwenzori Mountains

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