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Bukurungu Trail- Unique Rwenzori Trek

If the intention of your visit to Rwenzori mountains is to explore the unique and unexplored areas of Rwenzori Mountains National Park on  hiking adventure, then plan to include the adventure via the newest Bukurungu Trail that is also managed by the local Community with wild camping and not staying in Huts as the case for the Rwenzori Central Circuit and Kilembe Trail.

On Bukurungu trail you will explore different vegetation zones, like tropical forest, Heather and lincen zone, Alpine, Rock and moor land , all these are what makes the trail Unique. It covers the northern spur of Rwenzori Mountains covering Katebwa cultural sites, Bukurungu flats, lake Muhule and Kakaka areas in Kabarole district.

Facts about Bukurungu Trail.

The Bukurungu trail existed in 2015 and it was officially opened in  2018 under a partnership by WWF and the Uganda wildlife Authority. The Bukurungu Trail is more adventurous than the two trails and recommended to those that love real wild nature of the vegetation covers of Rwenzori Mountains, and the various lakes which include Lake Mughuli, Lake Bukurungu, Lake Bujuku, and Lake Irene.

The Climb to Magherita peak via Bukurungu Trail takes 8 days Rwenzori Trekking which is more compared to the Rwenzori Central Circuit and Kilembe Trail.

The Adventure to Rwenzori Mountains via Bukurungu Trails starts from at Kasanzi park gate in Omukorukumi and joins the Central Circuit to enable you Summit Margherita Peak, return down to descend,  ends at Mihunga park gate passing between Mount Gessi and the Portal peaks which Rwenzori Expeditions offers tours to explore the Portal peaks on 15 Days  Adventure peaks of Rwenzoris, On this climb  you will admire deep gorges, lakes, swamps, and vegetation, as the remains of war heros, the round tombs, Chimp viewing and cultural sites. You will have an unforgettable experience.

Management of Bukurungu Trail

The Bukurungu Trail is managed by RRHA ( Rwenzori Ranges Guides and Escort Association ) as a private operator. Like other routes , Bukurungu tail also has booking agents which include Rwenzori Expeditions the certified booking agent for all tours to Rwenzori Mountains that is registered with UTB and is a member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators. All their offers includes Park entrance, Camping & Porters.

Bukurungu Trail Tours

Rwenzori Expeditions the reliable booking agents for Rwenzori tours offers only one tour to Trekkers via Bukurungu trail and its the 10 Days Unique Bukurungu Summit that starts from Entebbe international airport and transfer to kasese with overnight stay in Equator snow Lodge.

Contact the Experts of Primate Safari Experiences to guide you on your adventure to Rwenzori Mountains via Bukurungu Trail.

Explore Rwenzori Mountains with Experts

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