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Best 5 Rwenzori Climbing Tour Operators

3 Best Rwenzori  Tour Companies 2022 – 2023: Trekking Operators Reviewed

Hiking up the Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley in the Rwenzori Mountains is an experience that many recommend. It is the easiest of the 6 summits, but still difficult considering it is Africa’s tallest peak at 5,109 meters.

While this is the easiest of the seven summits, it still gets more difficult at night and still requires you to be in great physical condition. The first step in researching how to climb the mountain is by locating a tour company that can assist you with your climb.

How to choose the Mountaineering Tour Operator

There are many tour companies in Uganda and they offer Rwenzori Mountaineering tours but there Uganda Tourism board has taken the key step to ensure that tour operators are licensed and they deliver the best service as required by the hospitality principles.  Check if  they are  licensed by the government of Uganda  and are even members of AUTO. The list on this website is for only members and licensed tour operators as per the publication in the nation wide newspapers .

Rwenzori Mountains Tour Operators & Travel Agents

Find the list of the best booking agents for the Rwenzori Trekking tour and they are

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