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About us

Rwenzori Expeditions : Primate Safari Experiences

Rwenzori Expeditions is a department under primate Safari Experiences LTD that offers primate Watching tours along side Rwenzori Mountaineering tours to Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

We specializes in arranging private and group Mountain Rwenzori climbs. We also arrange treks up Mountain Elgon and other Virunga Massif ranges found within Uganda, Rwanda & Congo with extension to Gorilla trekking in Bwindi & Mgahinga; private safaris in all of the Uganda National Parks and beach vacations to Lake Victoria.

We have been operating Rwenzori Expeditions since 2019 and have a fantastic record of successfully and safely helping our clients to summit. Fundamental to our approach and what distinguishes us from nearly all companies offering Rwenzori Trekking.

As part of that commitment to quality we adopt best practice in everything we do.

  • We follow Rwenzori Ranges Guides and Escorts Association, Rwenzori Mountaineering Services and Uganda Wildlife Authority  regulations and continually work to ensure the best conditions for our crew
  • Support local entrepreneurs through the usage of RMS Trails and RTS Trails
  • We are committed fully to the principles of Leave no Trace

For more about how we operate see Our approach Climb with us: summit safely and have a life-changing experience.

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