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Rwenzori Mountaineering

Rwenzori Mountaineering Guide – Safari Tours

Have you experienced trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains? Welcome to the Rwenzori Mountaineering Specialists, the ultimate trekking adventure team known for offering the most thrilling and rewarding hiking expeditions in Uganda.

We offer budget hikes and tailor made tours to the Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda. Our treks can be arranged from both Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. For the true hiking challenge waiting before you, get in touch with our team and get started with planning your next climb.

Why Go Climbing in the Rwenzoris

The Rwenzori Mountains is the second tallest mountain in Africa after mountain Kilimanjaro. This UNESCO world heritage site is jealously protected as the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Also known as the Mountains of the Moon, this snow capped mountain is located along the border of Uganda bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo. Most recommended Rwenzori Trekking route is 9 Days Rwenzori Hiking trip and 7 Days Climbing Rwenzori mountains using the central circuit route

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The unique landscape of the Rwenzori mountain range is outstanding, with still by far the biggest glaciers in Africa, incomparable beautiful, and of very different character to the high single standing volcanoes of Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya. The Congolese side, which is a lot drier, gives an easy and beautiful approach off the beaten track to reach the summit range.

Rwenzori Mountains is a free-standing, snow-covered, block mountain located with in Uganda, Congo and in Uganda it’s known as Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Rwenzori Mountains are located in Kasese Uganda, it can be seen from far Queen Elizabeth national park and Virunga National Park

Climbing Mountain Rwenzori

The shortest hiking trip is 3 days Rwenzori hiking tour and the longest is 19 Days Rwenzori mountaineering tour with great chances of adding gorilla trekking ,primate safaris, wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth national park. Combing a hiking tour with gorilla trekking, wildlife watching & cultural experience can be the most warding Uganda safari holiday tailored by Rwenzori Mountaineering service.

Exploring the Rwenzori Mountains

Two routes lead into the Rwenzori peaks; the Central Circuit Trail and Kilembe Trail. The more established option ascends the Mubuku and Bujuku valleys from Nyakalengija to the Central Circuit that winds between the prominent peaks. The other route runs up the Nyamwamba Valley above Kilembe near Kasese. The expeditions on the Rwenzori are organized and managed by Rwenzori Trekking Services and Rwenzori Mountaineering Services.

Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS) is a local community tourism group established to help locals benefit from tourism, which has been central to their existence for centuries. The organization employs local men as guides and porters and invests the profits in community projects.

They do not, however, have a monopoly on the trail. The alternative is to skip Nyakalengija altogether and climb the Kilembe Trail, a concession UWA allocated to Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS), which allows you to concentrate on enjoying the rain and mud to the full.

Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS) offer a variety of mountain treks and climbs using a combination of trails along (and between) the Nyamugasani, Kamusoni, and Nyamwamba river valleys. The distance to the peaks is more incredible than along the established Central Circuit, which requires a 9-10-day ascent to Margherita rather than eight or nine.

An alternative ascent from Kilembe takes you through routes that run through pristine landscapes of astonishing beauty, unvisited by hikers for decades. The Nyamugasani Valley contains a remarkable string of eight lovely glacial lakes along that route.

Best time to Climb Rwenzori Mountains

The best time to hike Rwenzori Mountains– Hiking Rwenzori Mountains is one of the best trending activities in Uganda, therefore, if you’re looking for the best destination in East Africa with a wonderful experience, Rwenzori Mountains is your answer where you will get an opportunity of trekking the 3rd highest mountain in Africa. When you’re planning a hiking safari on the Rwenzori Mountains is always better to first know the suitable months for trekking.

The Rwenzori Mountains can be visited all year round, but the best months to trek the Rwenzori Mountains is the dry season, and this is between June-August and December-February are known as the driest month in Uganda. In the dry seasons, all trekking routes to and within the park are passable and the hiking is good than during the wet season. But tourists have to note that, even in dry months, it may rain.

As African weather is unpredictable even during rainy seasons you can experience light rainfall hence it is good to first know the best season to travel so that to avoid the bad conditions during your hiking safari.

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