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Mount Emin

Climbing Mount Emin in Rwenzori Mountains.

Wishing to Climb Rwenzori Mountains but interested in not reaching the peak of Rwenzori Mountains ? Select the Mountaineering tour to Mount Emin which is not having any Snow and its shorter to hike compared to Full Summit trek with Rwenzori expeditions guides that have been leading tours to Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Trekking tours to Mount Emin can be more possible on Congo side than Uganda depending on the season of your travel , the Team of Primate Safari Experiences is readily available to help you plan your Rwenzori trip.


Mount Emin was named after Emin Pasha Mohammad who extensively explored central Africa.  Mount Emin comes 4th  among the Rwenzori Mountains, and is characterized by its narrow and rocky ridges.

The mountain is also known  to have twin peaks including Umberto at 15,74ft and Kraepelin at 15720ft. climbing to the summit of Mount Emin starts from the south west ridge of the mountain.

However, Emin can also be accessed from Mugusu valley, stretching unto DRC, where you hike up through the groundswell covered steep slopes to the pass between the two peaks, after which you will continue to the peak.

Note : When booking a climb to Mount Emin , just know that it has not Glacier as the case for Gessi and the trips are less longer than the summit Tours. Contact us to Tailor the unique Climb to Mount Emin

Climb Mount Emin Tours

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