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Mount Luigi Di Savoia

Climbing Mount Luigi Di Savoia in Rwenzori Mountains.

Wishing to Climb Rwenzori Mountains but interested in not reaching the peak of Rwenzori Mountains ? Select the Mountaineering tour to Mount Luigi Di Savoia which is having a lot of  Snow and requires long trek to  Summit trek with Rwenzori expeditions guides that have been leading tours to Rwenzori Mountains National Park.


Mount Luigi Di Savoia peak was named by Abruzzi (1873 – 1933). Ironically, it is the only one of the six major massifs that he did not make the first ascent of.

The Duke of Abruzzi is famed in mountaineering circles for making the first ascent of Mt. St. Elias in 1897, climbing high on K2 in the Karakoram, and nearly reaching the summit of Bride Peak on Chogalisa. The Rwenzori expedition journey of Abruzzi included the Trek to all Rwenzori Peaks and its the reason we recommend 10 Days Rwenzori Trekking.

The massif, like the others is a long ridge with many summits, including Stairs Peak (4545 m.) Sella Peak (4627 m.) and Weismann Peak (4620 m. and the available trek is 6 Days Weismann Tour . The easiest route of ascent is from the vicinity of Fresh field Pass, where it is possible to ascend up the northern aspect of Sella Peak to its summit. It is the shortest of the six central massifs and was the first to lose its glacial ice.

Climbing Mount Luigi Di Savoia

Rwenzori Trekking 6 Days Vegetation cover

Are you a vegetation lover? Plan your rwenzori climbing adventure with Rwenzori Expeditions to explore the various vegetation covers, plants in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park without hike to any peak. Join the 6 days Rwenzori Central Circuit hike.

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