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FAQ About Rwenzori Mountaineering .

Looking for a Mountaineering adventure to Rwenzori mountains? Find the list of frequently asked questions about Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Question: Where are the Rwenzori Mountains located?
The Rwenzori Mountains National Park covers nearly 100,000 ha in western Uganda and comprises the main part of the Rwenzori mountain chain, which includes Africa’s third highest peak (Mount Margherita: 5,109 m). The region’s glaciers, waterfalls and lakes make it one of Africa’s most beautiful alpine areas.
Question: Is Rwenzori a block mountain?

A block mountain is formed by natural faults in the earth’s crust. Mountain Rwenzori is the only block mountain in Uganda. The Rwenzori mountains also known as ‘mountains of the moon’ are found on the border of Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo situated in the eastern rift valley.

Question: Are Rwenzori mountains safe?

Hunwick assured me the Rwenzoris have been safe and tranquil since 2009, and his outfit has opened trails and camps all the way to Mount Stanley’s highest spike, Margherita Peak.

Question : Why is Mount Rwenzori called Mountain of the Moon?

The reference to Mount Rwenzori as Mountains of the Moon came from Greek explorers trying to locate the source of the Nile. A merchant called Diogenes reported that the source of the Nile came from a group of mountains which the indigenes of the land called Mountains of the Moon because of their snow-capped whiteness.

Question : Why are the Rwenzori Mountains important?

The Ruwenzori is economically important for copper and cobalt deposits, mined at Kilembe, Uganda. Hydropower for mining is provided by the Mubuku, the range’s largest river. The Amba and Konjo peoples of the lower eastern slopes are mainly cultivators of beans, sweet potatoes, and bananas.

Question : Why is there snow on mountain Rwenzori?

Before then, the mountains were speculated to be a source of the famous Nile River. It was later discovered that, indeed, melting snows from the Rwenzori Mountain Range feed various tributaries of the Nile River.

Question : Where is Mount Stanley in Africa?

Mount Stanley, also called Mount Ngaliéma, part of the Ruwenzori Range on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, in east- central Africa.

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