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Top Frequently Asked Safari Questions: Climbing Rwenzori

After many years of climbing Rwenzori Mountains, we have answered so many questions about it. Therefore, we have collected the most frequently asked questions for one of the world’s most famous trekking routes within Rwenzori Mountains.

Learn more about Frequently asked questions about Rwenzori Mountaineering tours, Facts about Rwenzori Mountains, Location of Rwenzori Mountains National Park, how to book Rwenzori Climbing. Rwenzori Expedition has tailored the unique questions and Answers about Rwenzori Mountains.

The Rwenzori Expedition expert Team strives to answer all the questions about Rwenzori Mountains National Park which have been asked mostly by previous clients that wish to be known by any traveler that wishes to explore Rwenzori Mountains with Us .

Among the top questions that wish to have them answered include the following below
  • Why is Mountain Rwenzori called Mountains of the Moon?
  • What is the highest peak of Mountain Rwenzori?
  • Which mountain is known as Mountain of Moon?
  • Who discovered mountain Rwenzori?
  • What is the cost of climbing Mount Rwenzori? Read more on the well detailed Cost article
  • Why is Mountain Rwenzori called a range?
  • Where are the Mountains of the Moon in Africa?

Frequently Asked Question on Rwenzori Expeditions:

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Question : Who was the first person to climb the Rwenzori Mountains?


It wasn’t until 1862 that British explorers James Grant and John Speke, also searching for the source of the Nile, ventured into the Rwenzori mountains, and found the summits blanketed in white, fitting Diogenes’ description.

Question :

Where are the Rwenzori Mountains located?


Rwenzori Mountains National Park covers nearly 100,000 ha in western Uganda and comprises the main part of the Rwenzori mountain chain, which includes Africa’s third highest peak (Mount Margherita: 5,109 m). The region’s glaciers, waterfalls and lakes make it one of Africa’s most beautiful alpine areas.


Is Rwenzori a block mountain?


A block mountain is formed by natural faults in the earth’s crust. Mountain Rwenzori is the only block mountain in Uganda. The Rwenzori mountains also known as ‘mountains of the moon’ are found on the border of Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo situated in the eastern rift valley.


Why is mountain Rwenzori called a range?

These mountains were named ‘Rwenzori’ by Henry M. Stanley, a European explorer. He called this range after an African native word that means ‘rainmaker. ‘ And, it’s indeed rainmaker as rain feeds the dense foliage and falls on the Rwenzori Mountains for up to around 350 days each year.


Who was the first person to climb the Rwenzori Mountains?

The first recorded climbing of this peak was in 1906, by Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi. He was accompanied by his climbing party


Are Rwenzori mountains safe?


The Republic of Uganda is Safe for visitation for unique Safari activities. Rwenzori Mountains national Park is among the top 10 national Parks that are managed by Uganda wildlife authority and its safe for the visitation by travelers for Climbing & Hiking adventures.  The Team of Rwenzori Expeditions assures you that the mountains are safe for travelers.

Question :

Why is Mount Rwenzori called Mountain of the Moon?


The reference to Mount Rwenzori as Mountains of the Moon came from Greek explorers trying to locate the source of the Nile. A merchant called Diogenes reported that the source of the Nile came from a group of mountains which the indigenes of the land called Mountains of the Moon because of their snow-capped whiteness.

Question :

Why are the Rwenzori Mountains important?

The Ruwenzori is economically important for copper and cobalt deposits, mined at Kilembe, Uganda. Hydropower for mining is provided by the Mubuku, the range’s largest river. The Amba and Konjo peoples of the lower eastern slopes are mainly cultivators of beans, sweet potatoes, and bananas.

The shortest trek to reach to the Margherita peak is 5 Days Rwenzori Tour of the mountain in Rwenzori Mountains. Though there can be some variations on the route, the trail will take typically 6-7 days to reach the peak and descend back.

Question : Why is there snow on mountain Rwenzori?

Before then, the mountains were speculated to be a source of the famous Nile River. It was later discovered that, indeed, melting snows from the Rwenzori Mountain Range feed various tributaries of the Nile River.

Question : Where is Mount Stanley in Africa?

Mount Stanley, also called Mount Ngaliéma, part of the Ruwenzori Range on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, in east- central Africa.

Below is a list of the famous people that have climbed Mount Rwenzori Mountains

  1. James Grant and John Speke
  2. Kabaka of Toro
  3. Lupe Fiasco (2010) …
  4. Emile Hirsch (2010) …
  5. Mandy Moore (2018) …
  6. Haloti Ngata (2019) …
  7. Brian Blessed. Brian Blessed (1988) …
  8. Cheryl Cole. Dan Walker.
  9. Eugene Kaspersky (2016)
  10. Brennan Swain (2020)

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What animals live in Rwenzori mountains?

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Rwenzori Mountains. Almost 1,000 km2 (386 sq mi) in size, the park has Africa’s third highest mountain peak and many waterfalls, lakes, and glaciers. The park is known for its beautiful plant life.

Rwenzori Mountains National park’s wildlife varies with elevation and  include

  1. Forest elephant
  2. Chimpanzee
  3. Hyrax
  4. Black-and-white colobus,
  5. L’Hoest’s monkeys,
  6. Ruwenzori duiker,
  7. Rwenzori turaco.Read More about what to see in Rwenzoris

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Where are Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains Location:

The Rwenzori Mountains are found  in the south-western part  of Uganda, on the border with the DRC. The range covers a length of 71 miles along the border, and is one of the just 3 places in Africa with permanent glaciers (although these are melting at an alarming pace). The region’s glaciers, waterfalls and lakes make it one of Africa’s most beautiful alpine areas.

The Mount Stanley is on the borderline of the two countries , visit enjoy the scenic view of Virunga National Park.

Key Safari Activities are Mountaineering & Birding .

Options : It can be hiked from Uganda or Democratic republic of Congo , we do offer ultimate Rwenzori Trekking tours and are listed as the best Rwenzori Tour operator to take you on your climb to Rwenzori Mountains.

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We run discounts and promotional prices for groups & Family adventurous travelers wishing to summit margherita peak in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

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How Long does it take to Climb Rwenzoris

The Rwenzori Mountains are shared between Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo , although among the top most asked questions about the Rwenzori mountains include the duration spent on the Rwenzori hike and how long does it take to summit Magherita peak on Mount Stanley.

Mount Luigi di Savoia

Mount Stanley is the highest point in Uganda and no traveler can summit this peak via Democratic republic of Congo since its complicated to be completed when your in Congo.  Considering a number of reasons to determine the duration to summit , these include the level of fitness of the traveler and from Rwenzori expeditions expert point of view there are experienced travelers that managed to complete the hike in 4 Days Rwenzori trek  and its was an exception experience that even the company was surprised.

The second is the number of days depending on the route that you have selected to hike to margherita peak in Rwenzori Mountains as there are three routes to summit. These are Rwenzori Central Circuit and the kilembe trail as the popular but there it Bukurungu trail .

  • 6-7 days via Rwenzori Central Circuit Route:

It’s the shortest trek to reach to the peak of the mountain in Rwenzori Mountains. Though there can be some variations on the route, the trail will take typically 6-7 days to reach the peak and descend back.

  • 7-8 Days Via Rwenzori Trekking Tail

the longest trek to summit to Rwenzori Mountains via kilembe is 7 -8 days while staying in the huts in the magical Mountains of the moon.

  •  7 Days Bukurungu Trek

Bukurungu is purely 7 Days to summit the peak and its the newest trail that has been developed by Uganda Wildlife Authority.  You will see the wilderness of Rwenzori in the less tourists trail of Bukurungu Trail.

Contact us at Rwenzori Expeditions to book your adventure to Rwenzori Mountains National Park in western Uganda.

Note : The closure of Virunga National Park for security reasons means that we suspended the Congo Rwenzori Trekking tours via the Virunga National Park Congo. and the trips we are offering are via Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda

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