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Birding in Rwenzoris – Rwenzori Mountains National Park .

If your planning for birding Safari in Uganda? Dont miss to include a day birding in Rwenzori Mountains while on the African continent? Rwenzori mountains located on the border of Uganda & DR Congo , popularly known as Mountains of the moon by many travelers and writers. Its a birding destination for greater birders within Uganda , Never miss to feel the Rwenzoris vegetation while on a birding safari in Uganda !.

Birding around Rwenzori Mountains

This is the main activity done in the mystical Rwenzori national park with an aim of having an excellent view of the bird species in the destination. The experience is done during a nature walk through the vegetation cover of Rwenzori mountains national park and it involves hiking through different trails of the park in search of these superb species. The fact that Rwenzori national park protects over 217 species of birds makes it one of the best destinations for the experience.

As you move for the activity, make use of your diary and pair of binoculars to view and record distant species. Among the birds to spot during the walk include;

  1. Rwenzori Turaco
  2. Barred long-tailed Cuckoo
  3. Long eared Owl
  4. Handsome Francolin
  5. Blue Headed sunbird
  6. White-starred Robin
  7. Rwenzori batis
  8. the rare Montane Sooty Boo-boo
  9. Greenbul
  10. Strange weavers
  11. Golden winged sun-bird
  12. Apalises
  13. Flycatchers
  14. Crimson wings
  15. Lagden’s Bush Shrike
  16. White starred Robin and many others.

The bird species in the national park can be seen on the different massifs of the mountain as you hike through the park trials like the Rwenzori Central Circuit, Kilembe trail , Kazingo Trail and Bukurungu trail.

Where to see bird species while in the Rwenzori mountains

There are several places in the park where one can easily spot the amazing bird species at a closer distance. Besides on the tree branches in the park, different bird species can be sighted along the water sources of the park like rivers, lakes, springs and others. Among the best destinations of the species in the park include Lake Mahoma.

Lake Mahoma is the nearest lake in the Rwenzori mountains located at about 3,000 meters above the sea level. The lake is known of hosting the largest number of bird species in the mountain that can be seen during a 2 to 3 days Rwenzori nature walk.

Best time for bird watching in Rwenzori mountains

Rwenzori mountains national park can be visited anytime throughout the year birding experience but the best time is during the dry seasons in the months of June to August and December to February. These months are always the best since they make the hiking experience easier due to the dry and accessible trailing surfaces.

Apart from birding, there are several other activities to do in the park and among these include Mountain hiking, nature walks, lake sightings, community walks and many others.

Facts about Mountains of the Moon.

When you select to climb Rwenzori Mountains with Rwenzori Expeditions?  its not mandatory that you will summit to the peak of Rwenzori but its recommended that you try to summit since its unique feel for Mountain Climbers and travelers or adventurers.

The Rwenzori Mountains is a UNESCO Heritage site and known for its snow capped peaks which can be explored by travelers while on Climbing Tours.

Mountains of the moon are conserved and protected under the  Rwenzori mountains national park which is a home to several species like over 70 mammals, 217 bird species, insects, luxuriant vegetation cover, butterflies and many others.

Out of 217 bird species, the national park consists over 17 endemic species that will fancy your eyes with their amazing colors and also make your walk through the vegetation more enjoyable with their song-like sounds. For one to spot the birds in the park you can book nature walk which is divided into two classes;

Birding within the Park >> you will book nature walk adventure starting from the park Gate and you will enter , take a nature walk into the park forested areas. Check on one day Feel of Rwenzoris

Birding out the Park >>> You will book a nature walk around the community to explore the magical Rwenzori Community to learn more about the people, Birds is done in Ruboni Community forests . check out on one day Community visit Birding

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