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Lake Irene

Irene lakes are one of the 8 lakes on the mighty Rwenzori mountains that are seen and explored during the ultimate hiking experience through Bukurungu trail to Margherita peak, the highest peak on the mighty snow capped mountain. Standing at a height of approximately 4,495m, the beautiful lake can be reached onto after crossing through the alpine vegetation zones.

After the exploration of the delightful lakes, you will trek to the north-eastern flank of Mt. Stanley where Irene Lakes Camp is located for dinner and overnight stay in the mountains. The camp is made up of good facilities like cooking equipment, the toilet and sleeping facilities.

Camping at Irene Lakes Camp

After a long day of hiking and trailing through the rain forests and different vegetation zones of the Rwenzori mountains, you will have a warm evening and refreshment at Irene Lakes Camp.

The camp offers clear views of different features around the lakes plus those of the surrounding peaks. During your good times at the camp, you will also spot several species like birds, insects, butterflies and small wildlife species.

Best time to trek to Irene Lakes

Since the Irene Lakes are situated within the Rwenzori ranges, the best months to trek them is generally similar to that which is good to trek the Rwenzori mountains.

These snow capped Rwenzori mountains can be hiked anytime throughout the year but the best time is during the dry season. The dry season in Uganda is in the months of July, August and September and then in December, January and February.

During these months, trailing and hiking to the summits is easier and friendly due to the dry and slippery surfaces.


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