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West Stanley Glacier – Rwenzori mountains

Have you ever thought of spending your beautiful nights in the white snow but haven’t figured out on the right destination to quench this thirst? The Pearl of Africa, Uganda has got a perfect destination for you when it comes to Mountaineering adventures tailored by the experts in Climbing tours. With a total area of approximately 241,038 square kilometers, Uganda is a home to numerous attractions including historical sites, national parks and reserves, game parks, amusement parks and so many others without missing the primates like Mountain Gorillas. Among the famous national parks in the country, there are mountaineering destinations such as Mount Rwenzori national park which protects the ice glaciated mountain – Rwenzori.

West Stanley Glacier

The mountain stretches on the border between Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and it stands as the highest mountain in Uganda and the third highest on the African continent after Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. With a height of 5,109 meters, Mount Rwenzori is a home to six massifs that are separated by deep gorges. Among these massifs include Mount Stanley which hosts the highest mountain’s peak – Margherita and other amazing peaks that are ice glaciated.

Encompassing a number of peaks that are beautifully glaciated, Mount Stanley also features several glaciers and among these includes the West Stanley Glaciers which can be seen on the western direction of the snow -covered Mount Stanley massif.

The west Stanley glaciers can be explored after a several days experience and movement through the park’s luxuriant vegetation that consist the giant forms of lobelia, Groundsel, and Heather. The hike to the glaciated Mount Stanley will lead you through different mountain peaks and massifs like Speke, Baker and others as you encounter unique wildlife species like birds, primates, butterflies, insects and small mammals.

For the perfect and safe hike to the west Stanley glaciers, you will need strong hiking equipment like the ropes and crampons since the summit is always ice capped.

You will get enough training from the mountaineering team on how to use these equipment which will make the trek much easier.

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