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Savoia Glaciers in Rwenzori mountains

Experience the best of your trip on the African continent by taking part in the mountaineering safari on the highest mountain of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and the third highest mountain on the continent, Rwenzori after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Mount Rwenzori elevates at a height of approximately 5,109 meters with several peaks on the massifs that are ice covered. Among the Rwenzori massifs include Mount Stanley which protects the highest peak Margherita and other primary peaks including Savoia Peak.

Savoia Peak is the fourth highest peak on Mount Stanley after Margherita, Alexander, and Albert. The peak is covered by the beautiful glaciers known as Savoia Glaciers in the west and eastern directions. At a height of 4,977 meters, Savoia glaciers can be seen after the hiking of the lower peaks on Mount Stanley – Elena, Elizabeth, Phillip, Moebius and Greet Tooth peaks. For the encounter of the glaciers, you will have to use one of the mountain trails which include Kilembe trail, Central Circuit trail and Bukurungu trail.

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