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Mountain Rwenzori Trekking Cost- Rwenzori Expeditions

What is the cost of Mount Rwenzori Climb including, flights, tips, you health, park fees etc?  Rwenzori Expeditions offers ultimate price , cost and the rates for Rwenzori trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The average cost to climb Mount Rwenzori  is $1900 to $3000, the price varies from cheap, budget operators to western travel agents selling outsourced climbs at an inflated price. There are various, unavoidable fixed costs to any tour operator and if a climb seems too cheap, you’ve got to ask yourself why.

There are various factors that influence the cost of Rwenzori Climbing Price once you select to travel to Uganda with Rwenzori Expeditions.Uganda Safaris that exclude the gorilla trekking experience in the wilderness of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park are cheaper than those that are directly Rwenzori Trekking tours.  The factors for the cost of Rwenzori Trekking include;

  • Group size
  • Transportation
  • Travel time
  • Route used to climb Rwenzori mountains.

Your Safety & Well being

Rwenzori Climbing is tough compared to Kilimanjaro Trekking. And it can be dangerous. For your safety and comfort, at the very least, you’ll want:

  • Well trained, experienced English-speaking guides who know what to do in an emergency
  • Proper procedures in place
  • Well maintained, good quality equipment
  • Nutritious, varied meals that are tasty
  • Safe drinking water

Rwenzori Price Explained

As explained that the factors for Rwenzori trekking prices depend on the factors, see the primary factors that affect the Prices for Climb to Rwenzori Mountains:

1. Group Size

The more people that are in a trekking party, the lower the cost per person. Rwenzori Climbs that have only one or two climbers will have the highest prices as the costs to operate are shared by a small number of people. Not surprisingly, climbs with a dozen or more people will have much lower prices.

Most companies, including Rwenzori Expeditions run open Group treks to Rwenzori where customers may book a spot to join to form a group.

2. Days on the Mountain

Each day spent on the mountain incurs additional costs in park fees, staff wages, food, and equipment use. Thus, longer routes are more expensive than shorter routes. Route selection also plays a part as some require more personnel, gear and logistical arrangements. Rwenzori Trekking tours start from 5 Days Rwenzori Trek to 7 Days Climb Rwenzori to summit margherita peak.

3. Level of Service

Rwenzori operators can be categorized into three broad price ranges: budget, mid range and luxury. This is the main driver of the huge price disparity between different companies for what seems like the same service. The typical consumer has a hard time differentiating between operators because a company’s website doesn’t tell the whole story.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park Fees

Rwenzori Mountains National Park imposes fees on visitors and crew. These can be broken down into the following:

  • Park Entrance Fees – The Uganda Wildlife authority collects fees per day you spend inside the park. Example On an 7 day Rwenzori trek , the Park entrance fees total $245 ($35 x 7 days).
  • Accommodation fees in the Mountain- they charge bed night.
  • Guide & Porter Entrance Fees – $2 per staff person per trip
  • Taxes & VAT – 18% of services.  The Ugandan government charges 18% VAT to all Rwenzori operators.

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6 Peaks of Rwenzori Mountains

The range is about 120 kilometers long and 65 kilometers. It consists of six massifs separated by deep gorges that is Mount Stanley 5,109 meters, Mount Speke (4,890 meters, Mount Baker (4,843 meters, Mount Emin (4,798 meters, Mount Gessi (4,715 meters and Mount Luigi Di Savoia (4,627 meters

Mount Stanley

Mount Stanley has several subsidiary summits, with Margherita Peak being the highest point.It is a mountain located in the Rwenzori range with an elevation of 5,109 m. it is the highest mountain of both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, and the third highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Mount Stanley is named for the journalist and explorer, Sir Henry Morton Stanley.

It consists of two twin summits and several lower peaks namely

  1. Margherita Peak 5,109
  2. Alexandra    5,091
  3. Albert           5,087
  4. Savoia          4,977
  5. Ellena           4,968
  6. Elizabeth      4,929
  7. Phillip           4,920
  8. Moebius       4,916
  9. Great Tooth 4,603

Mount Speke

It lies in the Ruwenzori’ Mountains National Park in Uganda and is the second highest mountain in this range. Together with Mount Stanley and Mount Baker, it forms a triangle enclosing the upper Bujuku Valley. The nearest peak is Mount Stanley, which is 3.55 km (2.21 mi) to the south-southwest.

Mount Speke’s summits are Vittorio Emanuele 4,890 m, Ensonga 4,865 m, Johnston 4,834 m and Trident 4,572 m (15,000 ft). The names were chosen in respect for the Italian royal family; however, the name choice had to be approved by the British Protectorate of Uganda who ruled the region at that time.

Mt baker

Mount Baker or Kiyanja is a mountain in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda, 2.8 kilometers from the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With a height of 4,844 meters, it is the sixth highest mountain in Africa. Like all peaks in the Ruwenzori’ Range, Mount Baker has multiple jagged peaks along a ridge. The highest is Edward Peak.

Walk boards in RwenzoriMt emin

Mount Emin at 15742ft in the Rwenzori Mountains was named after Mohammed Emin Pasha, who widely explored central Africa. The mountain with narrow & rocky ridges is considered the 4th of the Rwenzori ranges, yet 6th in Africa.

The mountain has two peaks of Umberto at 1574ft and Kraepelin at 15720ft, both lie between the border of Uganda and Congo and accessing it is more possible from the Congo side. groundsel sheltered steep descent to the path between both peaks, then continues to the peak. although it has no snow.

Mt Gessi

Mount Gessi is situated adjacent to Mount Emin, in the Northern  part of Mount Stanley, Speke and Mount Baker. It peak was named after an Italian explorer, Romulo Gessi. The mountain has twin peaks of Lolanda (15,470 ft.) and Bottego (15,418 ft.), and is separated from Emin by just a narrow valley in the Rwenzori mountains National Park.

Mount Luigi Di Savoia

Mount Luigi Di Savoia is one of the mountains in the Rwenzori Ranges the Rwenzori mountains National Park.  Mount Luigi, is the only mountain in the Rwenzori range, that Duke of Abruzzi didn’t attempt its summit, although he named it The Duke of Abruzzi. He is the most popular mountaineers who made the first ascents in Mt. St. Elias in 1897

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