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Weismann Peak Trek

Guide to Weisman Peak

6 Days Weisman peak Hike – Rwenzori Mountaineering Tours.

Rwenzori Mountain is the third highest mountain in east Africa. Unlike Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya being volcanic cone Shape Mountains, Rwenzori Mountain is a range that extends with a length of 120 km and in width of 48 km.  Rwenzori mountains was formed by uplifting caused by tectonic movements responsible for the formation of western rift valley and this accounts for the thrilling beauty of this mountain of the moon.

Because of this uniqueness, the level of challenge and trekker satisfaction on the Rwenzori Mountains is un comparable to any mountain in Africa. After you climb the highest volcanic cones in Africa, you can try the highest mountain range, Rwenzori Mountain which is also the highest block mountain in Africa.

Day 1: Mihunga gate 1651m asl to Nyabitaba camp 2651m asl

The 6 days Rwenzori trekking to Weismann peak via the central circuit trail begins with checking out of your hotel and transferring to Mihunga gate. Have an early morning breakfast and prepare to transfer to the Rwenzori mountains national park gate at Mihunga for the trek briefing. Climbing to Nyabitaba camp is a distance of 10km which is  5-6 hours Walk and an ascent of 1000 m.

The Central circuit trail begins going below homesteads and garden fields continuing through high elephant grasses and dense bushes. Some animals may be spotted such as the white colobus, blue monkeys, three horned chameleon and the Rwenzori Turaco birds.

Dinner and an overnight at Nyabitaba Hut.

Day 2: Nyabitaba camp to Guyeoman camp 3505m asl.

From Nyabitaba camp, trek upwards passing by the junction to John Maate camp. From here hike through the bamboo Forest zone up to the kichuchu bridge. After crossing the bridge it’s a gentle walk up to kichuchu Rock shelter for a rest and packed lunch.

After the short rest, you ascend steeply to guyeoman camp at 3505m asl. The distance from Nyabitaba camp to Guyeoman camp is 5km.

Dinner and overnight at Guyeoman camp.

Day 3: Guyeoman camp to Kitandara lakes camp 4023m asl.

Have an early morning breakfast before trekking through the boggy areas and the the Heather/rupenia zone up to Bujongolo rock shelter. Have some rest as you eat your packed lunch.

Thereafter make a steep climb up the fresh field pass with nice views of the Margherita glaciers and weismann peak. Then descend down to Kitandara lakes camp. The trek from Guyeoman camp to Kitandara lakes camp takes 6-7 hours.

Dinner and overnight at Kitandara Hut.

Day 4: Kitandara lakes camp to Weismann peak 4620m back to Kitandara lakes camp

This day you wake up early in the morning to summit Weismann peak at 4,620m asl. Trek to the summit through a boggy area jumping from tussock to tussock before reaching the summit. During this part you can see animals such as Red duikers and the Rock hyrax.

Thereafter descend back slowly to Kitandara lakes camp for dinner and an overnight.

Day 5: Kitandara lakes camp to Guyeoman Camp 3505m asl.

Have an early morning hot breakfast before starting the trek down to Guyeoman Camp. The descend may take Approx. 5 hours depending on the physical ability of the climber.

Dinner and Overnight at Guyeoman camp.

Day 6: Guyeoman camp to Mihunga gate to Kasese town.

On your last day of the 6 days Rwenzori trekking to Weismann peak via the Central circuit trail, begin your descend after breakfast. Reach Nyabitaba camp in time for lunch and having some rest. Thereafter descend Nyabitaba to Mihunga gate to be picked by your tour driver for transfer to your hotel for dinner and an overnight.


You can also choose to take any of the longer or shorter Rwenzori treks. These include 8 – 11 days margarita peak trek, three days Mahoma trek, Kinyampanika chimp trek and many others.  After the Rwenzori trek, guests can choose to spend the last light at the base camp or go to the next destination of your trip. Options include; heading to Queen Elizabeth for the wildlife safari or Kibale national park for the chimp tracking experience.

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