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Lake Bujuku

Lake Bujuku in Rwenzori mountains National Park.

The famous third highest mountain in Africa is Rwenzori Mountains which is located in Kasese district. its the source for many rivers and lakes within the region. Among the famous crater lakes within the region is Lake Bujuku.

Lake Bujuku is one of the beautiful crater lakes situated between the ranges of the highest Uganda mountain – Rwenzori.

The crater lake lies in the Bujuku Valley  and it stands as the second nearest lake after Lake Mahoma found in between the mount Stanley, Baker and Speke, Lake Bujuku is one of the eight delightful lakes in the mystical mountains and 9 days Rwenzori trekking tour will reward you a chance to site all these lakes except Irene Lake .

Rwenzori hike to Lake Bujuku

Rwenzori Expeditions offers ultimate During the hike to the amazing Bujuku crater lake, expect to take spend your 3 precious days crossing several vegetation types and beautiful creatures like Bujuku river, the lower Bigo bog and then hike up to the upper Bigo Bog. When you reach here, you will walk across a boardwalk that was constructed to assist the walkers as you enjoy the superb views of Mt. Stanley.

From the bog, you will continue with the climb steadily over the glacial moraine cross the river and then later reach the amazing Lake Bujuku which stands at a height of 3,962m above the sea level with a length of 1.37km.

After the exploration of the lake, you will proceed to Bujuku Camp for an overnight stay and dinner. The camp is surrounded by the alpine savannah zone and it consist good and clean facilities like toilets, cooking equipment plus sleeping facilities that include single rooms in the tin made huts.

Camping at Lake Bujuku

Camping experience around the crater lake is done at Bujuku Hut which offers spectacular views of the features around the lake plus the surrounding peaks. On the clear days, you will fancy your eyes with the excellent views of Scott Elliot Pass, the Stanley Plateau and Mt. Baker. For the climbers heading to Mt. Baker, Bujuku camp is one of the best spots and it also offers opportunities to spot several wildlife species like the elusive duiker antelopes and many others. All these can be enjoyed while on 4 Days Lake Bujuku trek with experts in Mountaineering tours.

Best time to hike to Lake Bujuku

As its among the frequently asked questions when is the best time to visit Rwenzori Mountains? Lake Bujuku can be visited anytime throughout the year but the best season is during the dry season which is in the months of July, August and September and then December, January and February. These months are generally the best months to hike the Rwenzori mountains and other mountaineering destinations in Uganda. This is because the trails are always dry and unslippery thus making hiking friendly and easier.

Other Mountains to Explore in Uganda

Besides Rwenzori mountains, there are also other destinations where one can enjoy the hiking experience and among these areas include Mount Elgon, the second highest mountain in Uganda, Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Muhabura, Mount Moroto and Mount Gahinga.

For a fantastic experience during your trip in Uganda, mountain climbing can be spiced up with the add-ons of wildlife and primate safaris in destinations like Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison Falls national park Kidepo valley national park, Lake Mburo National park, Kibale forest national park for chimpanzee trekking safaris, Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi Impenetrable national park for gorilla trekking trips.

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