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Rwenzori Marathon 2024 – Tusker Lite Rwenzori Marathon with Rwenzori Expeditions

Participate in the Rwenzori Marathon with Rwenzori Expeditions to run across the Equator in one of Africa’s most scenic marathons in Kasese, Uganda before or after Rwenzori trek in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Tusker Lite Mt Rwenzori Marathon proudly announces its certification by the esteemed World Athletics Federation (WAF) and this achievement shows the commitment of the organizers to build a world-class marathon that puts Uganda on the international stage.

Registration for Rwenzori MarathonRwenzori Expeditions supports community development and is making this post to encourage travelers from various parts of the world to participate the Mount Rwenzori Marathon which is taking place every year in kasese the closest town to Rwenzori mountains national park.

The Tusker Lite Rwenzori Marathon invites professional athletes and amateur runners to challenge themselves in the beautiful Rwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda.

Journey to Kasese to run, explore and experience one of Africa’s hidden gems.

Take in the snowcapped peaks of Uganda’s highest mountain, roam Queen Elizabeth National Park (where lions climb trees) and take a boat cruise on Lake Edward.

Don’t miss out on a true adventure!

Have you secured your ticket to the most scenic marathon in Africa?

Our Guiding Principles for Rwenzori Marathon

1. Increased tourism

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, and through this event we want to bring awareness to its amazing scenery and wild beauty.

2. Healthy living

We want to highlight sports play as a critical factor in physical and psychological health, aiming to increase Ugandans’ healthy lifestyles.>

3. Conservationism

The glaciers of Rwenzori are melting at a rapid rate, making climate change a threat to our immediate environment. Preserving our natural environment is essential for us and a guideline for our choices.

4. Local community

We intend direct benefits to the local communities in Rwenzori, incl. employment opportunities, utilization of local resources and infrastructure improvement.

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