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There are many trails in Rwenzori Mountains and the famous are three ( Rwenzori Central Circuit , Kilembe Trail and Bukurungu Trail) which are popular for Stanley Ascent in Rwenzori Mountains national Park . There are small trails that include the Mahoma Trail, Kazingo Trail that is known for Nature walks and birding tours in Mountains of the Moon.

The Mahoma tail is  28km  and  takes you through the lower slopes of the mountain up to Lake Mahoma where it joins the main Rwenzori Central Circuit trail.

With your 2-3 nights in the mystical Rwenzori mountains ( 3 Days Mahoma Hike Trip ) , Mahoma trail is one of the amazing routes in the mountains to have a guided nature since it grants one an opportunity to explore almost a cross section of the area.

Mahoma Hike

During hike through the amazing Mahoma trail, expect to explore several species like about 70 mammal species, insects, reptiles like the 3-horned chameleons, about 217 bird species including the 19 species that are endemic to the Albertine Rift, and unique vegetation zones.

Also, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of Mubuku river trailing along the valley. For your precious nights in the mountain, you will camp at different campsites and huts within and among these include; Omuka Kiiza Camp at 2,977 meters, and Lake Mahoma Camp which is located besides the largest lake in the mystical mountains – Lake Mahoma.

Apart from the nature walks, there are also other activities to do in Rwenzori mountains national park and among these include


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