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Kazingo Trail

Kazingo Trail – Rwenzori Mountaineering & Expeditions.

According to the reservation experts at Rwenzori Expeditions , the real appeal of the Rwenzori lies, arguably, not in the joy of reaching the top, but in the opportunity to hike through superb mountain scenery enlivened by equatorial snow and outlandish vegetation. With this in mind, shorter hikes to lesser peaks are becoming increasingly popular like the hike via the 3 old trails that are  used to summit that is Rwenzori Central Circuit , Bukurungu Trail & Kilembe Trail.
The Rarely used is the Kazingo Trail which is found in the Rwenzori Mountains along the route to Bundibugo road after Fort portal city

kazingo Trail

The Kazingo Trail enables a day-long traverse of the north Rwenzori ridge between the Fort Portal plateau and Bundibugyo town in the Semliki Valley on the west side of the mountain.

To reach the shorter route of Kazingo Trail, follow the surfaced Bundibugo road out for Fort Portal for 9km, then turn left at Bukuku for 5km.

The most notorious itinerary is the one linking Kazingo (13 km west of Fort Portal) to Bundibugyo, at the foot of the western slope of Rwenzori mountain. This crossing of 1 or 2 days allows you to discover the local fauna, flora and culture.

Management of Kazingo Trail

Kazingo trail is managed by Abanya Rwenzori Mountaineering Association (AMA) which is a community-based organization formed in 1993 that is committed to improving the lives of area villagers.

It’s committed to improving the lives of area villagers by mobilizing and training farmers and communities in the sustainable use of resources for improved livelihoods. The group mainly engages local communities living around Rwenzori Mountains to benefit from the tourism opportunities presented by the mountains as well as community tourism.

Best trails in Kazingo- Climb to Mountain of the Moon

The trail is available through UWA, Rwenzori Expeditions that works in partnership with the local NGO that manages the trail (Abanya Rwenzori Mountaineering Association). We would recommend this trail to clients that have their overnight stay in Fortportal town.  check on the available Treks to climb Rwenzoris

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