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Rivers in Rwenzori mountains – Rwenzori Expeditions

Rivers are natural flowing watercourses or freshwater streams flowing on the surfaces or towards other waterbodies at lower elevations like lakes, oceans, wetlands, seas and others. These amazing water streams can be sighted in destinations of the world and among destinations include the third highest African mountain – Rwenzori in Uganda and Congo. These mountains record a total of three rivers and the famous ones include; Mubuku, and Nyamwamba and Primate Safari Experiences is ready to take you through all these destinations during your trip in Uganda. Among the rivers that cross through Rwenzori mountains include the following;

River Mubuku

Located in Mubuku town in Kasese district, River Mubuku is one of the amazing rivers passing through the mystical Rwenzori mountains. These mountains are shared by Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and are protected by Rwenzori mountains national park of Uganda and Virunga national park of Democratic Republic of Congo. River Mubuku is one of the important rivers in Uganda due to the fact that it hosts three hydropower electricity – generating plants which are; Mubuku I Power Station, Mubuku II Power Station and Mubuku III Power Station. Also, the beautiful river is very important to the farmers in Kasese district since it is the source of water that is used in Mubuku Irrigation Scheme.

For an excellent view of the river, book a trip to the Mountains of the moon – Rwenzori mountains since it’s where it is found.

River Nyamwamba

Located within Kasese district in the western Uganda region, River Nyamwamba is the main river of the Rwenzori mountains. Fed by the melting glaciers of the mountains of the moon, the adventurous river emerges from Rwenzori mountain and flows to Lake George in the Albertine Rift. The river is regarded as the main source of water to the people of Kaseese especially the agriculturists and the change in climate of the area creates fear of losing it for good amongst these people.

River Nyamwamba is culturally valued by the people living on the foothills of Rwenzori mountains. These people believe that the snow on top of the mountains – Rwenzori is the key to the survival of his tribesmen. The beautiful lake’s behavior that is dryness and fulness is believed to be controlled by the gods of the mountains. When the gods are not happy with the deeds of the locals, it is believed that they release a lot of disastrous water at ago as a sin of punishment.

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