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Elena Glacier- Rwenzori mountain: Rwenzori Expeditions

A summit to Mount Stanley comes with an overnight stay at Elena Hut which is close to the snow capped glaciers of Rwenzori Mountains .

A hike to the Rwenzori mountains is one of the splendid experiences to encounter during your travel on the African continent. The mountain is located in the Eastern sub region of Africa on the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is ranked as the third highest mountain on the mighty continent after Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania and Mount Kenya. Elevating at a height of approximately 5,109 meters, Mount Rwenzori is a home to six massifs and among these include Mount Stanley which consists the highest peak of the mountain – Margherita. Aside Margherita, Mount Stanley also protects other peaks like Alexander, Albert and Elena peak which is one of the lowest peaks on the massif.

Hike of the Elena Glaciers

Located on the highest massif of the Rwenzori mountains, Mount Stanley, Elena Glacier is one of the amazing glaciers found on one of the lowest peaks of the massif – Elena peak. Stretching on the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, Mount Stanly features a number of peaks that are ice capped and among these include Elena peak elevating at a height of 4,968 meters.

Elena peak encompasses the Elena glaciers that can be seen after a hike through different amazing and unique vegetation zones and peaks like Elizabeth, Phillip, Moebius, Great Tooth and others which are found on other massifs of the mountain.

For you to access the Elena glaciers in Rwenzori Mountains you should have booked your hiking tour to Mount Stanley with Rwenzori expeditions that is the leading DMC in Rwenzori Mountaineering tours and is a commission agent booking tours to Margherita peak via the 3 known routes to the peak . These Trails are known to all travelers that irrespective of the one you select you will summit to the Elena Glacier .

These three routes are the Rwenzori Central Circuit trail, Kilembe trail and Bukurungu trail with each having different vegetation cover over the other!

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