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Albert Glacier on Rwenzori mountains

Located on Rwenzori mountains, Albert Glaciers are one of the beautiful ice-covered surfaces found on one of the peaks of Mount Stanley, the highest massif of the Rwenzori ranges. Locally known as Ngaliema, Mount Stanley is a massif in the Rwenzori mountains elevating at a height of approximately 5,109meters. The mount stands as the highest mountain in both Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and the third highest on the African continent after Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895meters) of Tanzania and Mount Kenya (5,199meters). Mount Stanley features a number of highly glaciated peaks and among these include the Albert peak.

Stretching over the side of Democratic Republic of Congo, Albert peak is the third highest peak on Mount Stanley elevating at a height of 5,087meters. The beautiful peak is covered by white snow that are known as the Albert Glaciers and these can be sighted after a hike through different vegetation zones of the Rwenzori mountains.

The mountain has got several trails where one can pass so as to access the Albert glaciers and among these include Kilembe trail, Central Circuit trail and Bukurungu trail, although Albert peak is located on Congo side of Rwenzori Mountains

Apart from Albert peak, Mount Stanley encompasses other peaks and among these include Margherita the highest summit, Alexander the second highest and many others which are lower than Albert. These are Savoia, Ellena, Elizabeth, Phillip, Moebius and Great Tooth which is the lowest.

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