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Last Minute Rwenzori Treks -Join a group Rwenzori Mountaineering 2024/2025.

Last Minute Rwenzori Climbing to summit Mount Stanley peak, our Rwenzori trekking holidays offer you a safe and enjoyable way to fulfill your ambition to reach the summit of this remarkable mountain. We trek the lesser-used Rwenzori Central Circuit trail, a oldest route that rewards hikers with stunning landscapes. We make the ascent slowly, maximizing your chances of reaching the top of Margherita Peak. And we employ local porters and experienced mountain guides to assist you along the way, supporting the local economy and communities.

If you want to see more of the amazing wildlife of Uganda after your hike, we’d recommend the Rwenzori trek with a safari extension. Or, take some time to relax after the trek by adding our gorilla trekking.

Last Minute Rwenzori Trek Deals 2024/2025

Rwenzori Glacier


7 Days Rwenzori Central Circuit Trek

Explore the Rwenzoris on Last minute booking to trek Rwenzori Mountains via the Central Circuit which is the oldest trail that was used by Abruzzi and Omukama Oyo Kabamba Iguru of Toro on Rwenzori Expeditions in 1906 and 2022 respectively.

Rwenzori Peaks


7 Days Rwenzori Kilembe trek

Explore the unique kilembe trail on last minute hike to Rwenzori mountains on 7 days trek to mount Stanley with Rwenzori expeditions the experts in Rwenzori treks offering the kilembe trail that was opened 2009.

Vegetation Cover


7 Days Rwenzori Bukurungu hike

Explore the magical Rwenzori mountains via Bukurungu trail using wild camping gears on 7 days Rwenzori trekking experience on last minute adventure to Uganda the pearl of Africa with expert in Mountaineering Trips

What should I pack for my Rwenzori trek?
In terms of clothing, you’ll need to pack for every weather. From humid rainforest at the bottom, through desert-like terrain and finishing in very cold temperatures, your hike will travel through several different climates and conditions. Layers are essential so that you can add warmth as the temperature lowers the higher you get.

We’d recommend including the following:

  • A thick jacket, like a down jacket
  • A waterproof, windproof jacket
  • A sturdy pair of walking boots that you’ve broken in before you travel
  • Hat and gloves (liner gloves as well as a thick pair)
  • Thick socks
  • Thermal underwear
  • Wicking t-shirts
  • Lightweight walking trousers
  • Long-sleeve shirts (to protect against insect bites)

For equipment, be sure to include:

  • A head torch (and spare batteries)
  • A very warm sleeping bag – a 4-season bag or a 3-season sleeping bag with a liner (silk adds a season)
  • Walking poles with rubber tips
  • Water bottles – at least 2 x 2 litre bottles (or a hydration bladder)

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

PRIMATE SAFARI Min: 2 people

12 Days Rwenzori & Gorilla Trek

Explore the Primates of Uganda on 12 Days Rwenzori & Gorilla trekking tour to see the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees & Golden Monkey. The adventure is available for last minute booking to enjoy gorilla trekking with Rwenzori Expeditions.

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Mount Luigi di Savoia


Booking Terms and Conditions

  • For bookings to be confirmed, a deposit of 20% is required which is non-refundable.
  • All bookings must be fully paid before the start on the trip , if its payment by cash it must be communicated to reservation office.
  • The rates are subject to change any time and are based on availability of the rooms.
  • Prices are inclusive of the 18% VAT ( Rwenzori Permit & Gorilla Permits ) or any other fees.


Reservations that are cancelled prior arrival, reduced in number of days and no shows are subjected to the following terms:

  • 25% of the total price for cancellations between 21 and 30 days before arrival
  • 50% of the total price for cancellations between 14 and 21 days before arrival
  • 75% of the total price for cancellations between 7 and 14 days before arrival
  • 100% of the total price for cancellations between 4 and 7 days before arrival

Check out our terms of Mountaineering in Rwenzoris , Kilimanjaro & Mount Elgon.

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