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How Much Does it Cost to Climb Rwenzoris

The quick answer is about $1350 but there are several choices to be made when climbing Mount Rwenzori and each have different cost consequences:

The cost of Rwenzori trek depends on how long you are spending in the mountains, and on how many people you are traveling with ( Group Travelers  vs Solo Traveler).

Popular Rwenzori Tour Costs

The 5 days Rwenzori trek costs around 1100USd and 7 Days Climbing costs around 1350 USD yet for the Rwenzori and gorillas costs around 3600USD including the 700USD gorilla permit cost.

Guided or non-guided – a logistics-only expedition will be cheaper but you need to be self-sufficient on the mountain. Guided trips obviously include a payment for the guide, which is more expensive for a Western guide.

Booking with Local Operator vs Western Agency

Western or Ugandan operator – local companies will be cheaper because the cost of a western guide permit has to be included, plus of course his or her salary and trip costs. Western companies arguably have higher overheads in their country, although plenty of individual guides are company owners too and work from home.

Commercial operators charge a very wide variety of prices for climbing Mount Rwenzori nowadays but generally speaking a guided trip will cost around $1350.00. check on the cost of climbing rwenzori article and Discounted Trips for 2023/2024

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