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Rwenzori Trekking – Helicopter Medical Evacuation.

Medical evacuation in Rwenzori mountains is a new concept that is being introduced by Rwenzori expeditions that has partnered with BAR aviation Uganda limited for the  transportation of seriously ill patients by air from Elena Hut which is the only place where the Helicopter can land.

The Mountaineering medical evacuation transport is a new product and its not covered by the costs offered by Rwenzori Expeditions to travelers that book Mountaineering Tours and its the travelers request to be offered an extra quotation from Bar Aviation limited that will be through Primate Safari Experiences Limited.

Bar Aviation helicopter is fully equipped air ambulances, which can be described as flying ambulances, with experienced medical personnel on board, to ensure a swift air ambulance service and gentle journey back to entebbe.

Important things you need to know about medical transport planes:  

  • Medical transports planes are fitted with medical equipment that ensures the patient’s safety during a flight.
  • There are doctors and paramedics on board a medical transport plane to care for the patient.

What is a medical transport plane?

A medical transport plane is an aircraft that is used to transport patients from Rwenzori mountains to Kampala or Entebbe . Most commonly known as air ambulances, they are fitted with medical equipment to ensure that proper care can be given to the patient en-route.

Are flying ambulances medical transport planes?

Flying ambulances are medical transport planes since their main purpose is to transport patients. The flying ambulances at Bar Aviation are fitted with permanently installed intensive care equipment so that we can provide optimum care to patients and fly them to another location no matter the state of their emergency.

Check out on the official Website of Bar Aviation Limited

Medicial Evacuation in Rwenzori Mountains National Park- Trekking Tours

Rwenzori Mountaineering Tours 2023/24

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