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How Long does it take to Climb Rwenzoris

The Rwenzori Mountains are shared between Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo , although among the top most asked questions about the Rwenzori mountains include the duration spent on the Rwenzori hike and how long does it take to summit Magherita peak on Mount Stanley.

Mount Luigi di Savoia

Mount Stanley is the highest point in Uganda and no traveler can summit this peak via Democratic republic of Congo since its complicated to be completed when your in Congo.  Considering a number of reasons to determine the duration to summit , these include the level of fitness of the traveler and from Rwenzori expeditions expert point of view there are experienced travelers that managed to complete the hike in 4 Days Rwenzori trek  and its was an exception experience that even the company was surprised.

The second is the number of days depending on the route that you have selected to hike to margherita peak in Rwenzori Mountains as there are three routes to summit. These are Rwenzori Central Circuit and the kilembe trail as the popular but there it Bukurungu trail .

  • 6-7 days via Rwenzori Central Circuit Route:

It’s the shortest trek to reach to the peak of the mountain in Rwenzori Mountains. Though there can be some variations on the route, the trail will take typically 6-7 days to reach the peak and descend back.

  • 7-8 Days Via Rwenzori Trekking Tail

the longest trek to summit to Rwenzori Mountains via kilembe is 7 -8 days while staying in the huts in the magical Mountains of the moon.

  •  7 Days Bukurungu Trek

Bukurungu is purely 7 Days to summit the peak and its the newest trail that has been developed by Uganda Wildlife Authority.  You will see the wilderness of Rwenzori in the less tourists trail of Bukurungu Trail.

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Note : The closure of Virunga National Park for security reasons means that we suspended the Congo Rwenzori Trekking tours via the Virunga National Park Congo. and the trips we are offering are via Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda

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