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Service Charge

Service Charge- Commission to Tour Operators

At rwenzoriexpeditions.com you’ll find the treks that will make your life unforgettable. Find local trekking trips to Rwenzori Mountains, Elgon and Virunga Mountains, enjoy local prices but pay securely and conveniently and get the lowest price guarantee. Need help? Ask our trekking experts.


All we are asking for is 10% commission for each booking received throughout – There are no fixed costs. Our fees will go towards the upkeep of the website, optimizing our (your) online marketing and writing great content. A part of the revenue will go back to the mountains we love; Think about things like conservation and trail maintenance.

If you are interested to be our partner at the rwenzoriexpeditions.com platform please let us know if we can reserve a spot for you at the Uganda operators list. We’re happy to send you all the details and terms & conditions for our cooperation.

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